The Social Media Frenzy!

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Friends, please beware of social media fever.

To a very large extent, what you see is not what you get. What you get on social media is largely “make-believe”.

It is a place where many run to showcase how well they are doing and not how much they struggle.

Their new jobs, new automobiles, new houses, new relationships, new degrees, new children, new shoes, “new catch” and all have found a place of expression in the social media platform.

Social media has, for the most part, become the place people chose to celebrate. Hence, some people who are not active on Social media at all will show up there at least once in a year, when it is their birthday or other anniversaries.

Is there anything wrong with with celebrating? Nothing, I suppose. However, if you are the type that get caught in the social media frenzy, you would leave the platform quite downcast thinking other people have no challenges in life like you do.

Listen to me friends. People will usually post their good moments on social media. For some, those moments are actually rare to them, hence they capture and cherish them. Their struggles are kept completely offline.

For some, it has become an escape from their personal struggles or a coping strategy. When they post good pictures or experience of themselves, the more likes they get, the more their mood swells, the better their days.

In fact, I believe we are already having another psychological issue brewing. Some young people are beginning to measure their self-worth by the number of likes they get on social media. How this will pan out with time is yet to be determined.

Please don’t get carried away by what you see on social media. You would think someone is truly “living the life” when in actual fact he’s battling with so many issues.

Nobody is truly “living the life” who has enough time to display them always on social media. In most cases, it is what we normally call “packaging”.

Please stop the comparison. Stop taking people too seriously on social media.


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