A Nation and the Midwives of Death!

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Sometimes you want to veil your angst, but people like Olisah Metuh of PDP and his ilks won’t allow you. How can a Government that continuously reminded us that they’re in power till May 29th claim a sabotage of fuel scarcity by APC? That’s inverted logic! Of all that we’re facing, how could their bother be President-Elect’s snubbing of the pre-swearing-in programmes? How consequential is that to our well- being as a people in the face of current realities?

Even a fool is assumed wise if he shuts his mouth. Metuh and PDP has chosen the dishonourable path, they’ve convinced me more why they don’t deserve to govern us further. They’ve opened their mouths and removed all doubts of foolery. No good reasoning, isn’t that asking too much from a government in 5days what it couldn’t provide in 6 years? And to think that a while ago some were taunting the outgoing President as a Nobel Peace Award recipient. He was given a fairly used car, now he’s leaving it discreptic, unkept, broken and aground yet without explanations nor an iota of responsibility or responsiveness.

Which sane person takes joy in the naked display of his mother. Mother Nigeria is naked and hemorrhaging, almost asphyxiated, no electric power, no fuel, aviation is disturbed, communication might start shutting down as typified by this SMS from my provider, “Dear Valued Customer, this is to inform you that due to nationwide fuel crisis our services may experience some strain. We are doing everything possible to manage the situation. Thank you for understanding”.                        Hospitals could not perform surgeries, fuel stations are now spelt bedroom, and a bunch of village jesters who are serviced at our expense are finding it funny enough to play politics with.

It can indeed be likened toto the situation of a drowning man who needs help, yet their a bunch of would-be helpers, but would rather take pictures of him drowning to update their social media pages.

And to the subsidy payment brouhaha, a friend asked, “is it that there are no accountants in NNPC or the marketers have non”? How come that differetials in account has become an issue?                                                       Something is wrong with us no doubt, how we got here unattended to is what amazes me.

As for APC, buckle your belt, I want to believe the comatose and disturbing economic pictures you’ve been painting on the proverbial canvass of our minds is not to obliterate the earlier pictures of change we’re keeping there. I sincerely hope it’s an information about the enormity of the task that will make us appreciate you the more when it’s done. I just hope it’s that and not excuses to renege on earlier promises.

The PDP led Government has been a monumental embarrassment with a modicum of under-par performance flashes reminiscent of the whitted sepulchers.

Thank God we’re not medieval, a different treatment would have been meted out to these no- do- gooders. When next the role call for rogues is made, these people should do good to answer, for it’s not just a sobriquet for them, it’s their first name. – ‘ Dapo Omojola.


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