A New Beginning

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Hey Pretty Ladies!
2015 is a year of ‘Grace for Dominion’ and a year, where our Joy shall be full, this simply means that we’ll dominate in our Academics, Finances, Relationship and every sphere of our lives.

A new beginning is a start of something new, perhaps your academics has not been stable, it will take a U-turn, perhaps you have been into so many relationships which didn’t turn out well, you will walk down the aisle this year Hun, but first, there are some things I would like to share.


For those willing to settle down this year; There is a whole lot of difference between a Lady and a Girl.
1. A Girl always ask and don’t care where it’s coming from, while a Lady, cares about where it’s coming from and how to help him manage it, just in case he is an extravagant type.

2. A Girl sees only the now (i.e. he must have a car, house…and the list continues) and can’t project into his future, to know if he is what she needs. A Lady looks ahead and check his prospect, don’t even mind if he doesn’t have a car, but should be diligent with what he has.

3. A girl is always insecure, hence, she nags and complains at every little thing. A Lady is so confident of her worth and addresses any issue that arises.

4. A girl tries to save her heart from breaking by doing anything and everything He wants, all in the name of ‘Marriage.’
A Lady understands that her heart can’t be broken, thus, she does what He needs that is in accordance with the Word, she won’t go pants down to prove her love.

4. A girl likes to show her self. A lady like to show her worth.
The above list continues, but lets use these.

We live in a society where most of all we do is patterned by either how we were brought up and the environment we grew up in.
There is a natural rule that like mind attracts each other, you can’t give what you don’t have and that is why we need to build up our standard, especially in God’s word and work on every bad habit.

Beauty without brains as always been like a sweet cake without a beautiful icing on it.
A popular saying that; when you train a woman, you have trained a Nation is very true and that is why you see some kids behave so well or badly.

For your finances, no matter how little, do something, God can’t bless you like that, because his word said “I will bless the work of your hands” what is in your hands?
We have passed the era where the Man does everything in the home, and I guess you love to be respected and wouldn’t want to be a liability.

As this year is unfolding itself, make a To-do List for yourself and plan on how you want each day to turn out. Trust me, the sky won’t just be your limit but your starting point.

I see you walking down the aisle with the man of your dreams and I see you coming out with colourful results and fat accounts ‪#‎smiles‬
Your Best is yet to come, Love You loads.


Paul-Ojor-Angela is a budding writer and the founder of Angie Non-Governmental Organization for Unique Ladies with the core purpose of changing the Ideology of Nigerian Ladies.

ANGOFUL is a place for helping ladies who have lost their true identity and morals by developing a clear understanding and vision of their potential.

Email: angie4sweet@yahoo.com


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