Admitting ‘I’, What’s it About?

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Everybody wants to be a part of something or better still be known for something, irrespective of the negative or positive force behind the structural base of that ‘something’. However, not everyone can consciously admit to their positions physically; either by word of mouth, write ups etc., to that ‘something’. Some are bold to say and admit to whatever situation, whether it is good or bad/accepted or rejected by the society. While some simply cannot admit to what they are or should I say what they have become.

The truth is there will always be two sides to a coin. As much as a large number of people want an ‘UTOPIAN’ world, it is sad but very realistic to say that such hope is nothing but a mirage we place in our subconscious, especially in moments of direct pressure or opposition. If we had an utopian state at our disposal, it will be safe to say that all acts exhibited by an individual is just fine…but we know better. We have a world that from time immemorial has coined for itself a state of constant struggle, creating the ever present sense of conflict between what is good and bad.

The THOMAS HOBBES theory which emphasizes on survival of the fittest shows that the early man was in constant struggle. It is with the ability of collective acceptance by a specific large number of the early man, who we can regard as the ‘fittest’,that suppressed any opposition, thereby creating patterns, structure, tradition and believes that have shaped our modern world. It is with this mindset that our present society terms what is significantly right or wrong in our world.

It is with knowing this reality that one sees that the average man in his individuality is vulnerable to the general believes of a society. It automatically becomes his word, act, feelings, look, position etc. against a majority in a given society. It is with this that I introduce to us the word or as we know it the letter ‘I’……as single as it looks, it holds the entire personality, behavior, character, traits of an individual in the underlying study of psychological effects and philosophy – idealism and realism of an individual.

As nonchalantly as the letter ‘I’ is used in the construction of our personality, it is equally difficult to accept its role in certain aspects of our life situations.   One becomes forced to take extra care to admitting certain acts especially to the society at large. For example, just anybody can admit to saying this openly; ‘I am beautiful’, ‘ I am strong’, ‘ I am a philanthropist’. Such admittance is termed normal to society.On the other hand it is extremely if not impossible to find or see an individual admit to saying; ‘I am obsessed’, ‘I am a pedophile’. I think we all have an idea what the society terms such acts…..abnormal. One must note that in using ‘I’, you could be accepted or rebuked,made or broken. It is your cross to bear alone.

For me every individual can be likened to a coin…heads signifying admission to what you are and tails signifying shame of that not so attractive feature we possess. It is with this that I bring to light the true identity behind the ‘I’ report. There is an ‘I’ we all avoid,we do not want in anyway possible to confront.For some whether they say or not, it is glaring to every eye and for some people it’s the skeleton in the cupboard.Some people have hidden the dark side so much so that it has eaten deep, making them evil to the society.Some on the other hand have looked inward,accepted their case,sorted out solutions.

However,there are a lot still lost as to what to do. The ‘I’ report is not for condemnation.It simply will give names to some of these acts that we find ourselves exhibiting,relay possible history to such acts,psychological effects,challenges and as much as possible render some solutions that can shape the average man.Nobody is perfect.   It is with this that I launch every reader into what I call ‘I’ or ‘I am’ report. Let’s roll the dice and hit a one,as we start…join me next week for our first confrontation or better still admission, ‘I AM ANONYMOUS’. –ADUKU TORITSEJU

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