After Christmas, What Next?

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Such a beauty it is to be a part of yet another Christmas celebration. In most cases the celebrations are not pretty much about the Christ of the Christmas but because it falls into the tail end of the year signaling an apparent year end that ushers a new year in.

The frenzy is always there, even in these austere times the buzz is not missing, people still made out time to shop and definitely have fun. There are ‘sales’ all over the places even though our definition of ‘sales’ here is a little different, ‘sales’ here are dramatically more expensive. There’s a challenge of choice between what we desire at times as this and what is available, perhaps what is affordable.

Talking about affordability, I still have questions begging for answers. Why the rush during this period of the year? Everybody seem to be moving to do last minute shopping, journeys, and deals and so on. What makes some think they can make the monies they failed to make in 11 months overnight? Why spend to impress those who don’t even notice you. Some even borrow for celebrating! If I had eaten all day through the year and I had not been naked for a day, why the craze about what to wear on a single day and what to eat to the extent of going out of my way?

No wonder it is popularly said that January is a very long month, reason being that all we have must have been sunk into celebration that we forget other responsibilities around the corner. So, by implication, you see the man who had been about town a month ago asking for salary advance in January or a cooperative loan, worse still, they might come to borrow from the conservative man who kept a little for the raining day out of common sense not necessarily because he had abundance.

Friends, celebrate responsibly, like I tell my friends who usually say ‘thank God it’s Friday’, I respond ‘soon it will be Monday’. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a glorious new year.

‘Dapo Omojola

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