APC:Flirting With the Self-Destruct Button!

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I’ve read so many concerns about the just concluded National Assembly elections and for once it gladdens me to know that we’re all still keen watchers of our political landscape unlike times past when we’re mostly unconcerned perhaps lethargic.

I will particularly address those who said we were lied to about change based on the outcome and the reactions of APC to the turn of events. Were we really deceived? I will rather say the proponents of change never knew we meant it; perhaps they didn’t fully comprehend our expectations.        

And to APC sympathizers who are angst about the results, my simple question to you is ‘ what is really the problem’? For a people to defy the anointment of a candidate by a select few and chose for themselves is a demonstration of will. Oh! They defied the party you say, it once favoured you friends! Pardon me, but for every disobedient child, who’s to be held responsible for his character (not his act), the child or the parents? Hmn, why moan about the Senate convening earlier for elections? Well, their meeting is known to law but I doubt if the purported meeting of the other Senators-elect with the President which never was is!

To those who said the north has three major offices, I ask, were they selected or elected? Isn’t that the change we desire, where anyone anywhere can aspire to office not minding where he’s from in Nigeria? For me, this is the change I asked for, a change that gives power to the people, a change that shames the exchange of dollars for votes, that’s the real change!

For those sympathetic to the course of the godfather, if you’re a youth you need a mind rebirth, for when are we going to take our places when we don’t have godfathers and worse still, some don’t even know God the father! Isn’t it better if the field becomes plain? Today is the tomorrow they talked about yesterday, demand change! You might be an instrument to change and not particularly be a tool for change,(I belong to everybody, I belong to nobody). The change I anticipated is one capable of self-destruct and or mutual-destruct provided the result favours Nigerians. 

This is the change I want, where they wont be able to have their sprouts in the treasury because they’ve got to watch their back, as against watching each other’s back, talking about separation of looters there, pardon me, I mean separation of power!

A change that’s capable of hunting and getting down the erring ‘agents of change’ one by one in a manner suggestive of ‘don’t look at Uche’s face’ using the street vernacular. I look forward to a change capable of puncturing every protruded belly and setting our incarcerated precious naira free from their belly banks!

In time past, the C-in-C will be at the middle of it all, but this new king says it’s a new order! For me, that is change .                                                                                                                                        Did you merely shout change without expectations for a paradigm shift? For me, these are parts of the changes I want to see provided it makes Nigerians the winners ultimately. But to win we must speak out; speak against it if it is wrong not when a wrong doesn’t favour your preferred party. Now they intend to keep the court rooms busy, such an unworthy route if you ask me!

On the other side of the coin, why will the Saraki group conduct an election and disenfranchise almost 50% of the voters? Even if they were around, with his grand plan with PDP, he would still have won, what I’m not sure of is if Ekweremandu will be allowed, so why the ‘jankara’? At least Dogara won with all supporters of Femi on ground. What would have been a beauty will now be tainted and subjected to judicial buffeting!

It’s still a snowball, but it’s capable of turning into a boulder while rolling down the political hill at which time it would have become internecine. Rejoice not PDP, mourn not APC, it’s time to act; this boulder could end up being homicidal. One sure recipe for frittered and wasted political goodwill which the APC enjoys ‘for now’ is to attempt changing the leaders of the houses as presently constituted. Now that the APC has put her worst foot forward, does it mean they were merely prepared for elections and not for governance? Perhaps this will make them stronger or divide them further depending on the handling.

It is not yet ‘yokolu-yokolu’ neither is it yet ‘mukulu-mukele’.

Don’t be dissuaded by the present leanings of the ‘politrickcians’ which inwardly tilt towards self-aggrandisement and personal interests.Let’s repossess Nigeria, for that is the change we voted for. – ‘Dapo Omojola.



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