Are You Running a Business or You’re an Entrepreneur?

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There is a difference between those who run businesses and the entrepreneurs. They have differing qualities that sets them apart from each other even when it seems to be same.

You sure can run a business without being an entrepreneur and here are a few reasons why.

  1. Business Passion

People who run a business run it to make money only but the true entrepreneur does it not only for money but principally for passion. The one who runs a business does so because it’s the most ‘reasonable’ thing to do at the time. The true entrepreneur wants to change the world with his business, perhaps he wants to revolutionalise how a product is made or how a service is delivered. Without knowing, his passion contagiously spreads round the organization. When you’re thinking passion, change, revolutionary product, think late Steve Jobs.

  1. Seeking New Opportunities

People who run a business tend to stick to their business model, not minding how long or how out of tune it has become. They work to sustain the business without failing or falling. They’re not particularly interested in ‘rocking the boat’ as it were. Unfortunately, this their act of decency leads the business into stagnation and stunted growth. However, true entrepreneurs on the other hand are always hunting for new opportunities, they create new product lines, carves new niches, formulates new growth strategies, and new streams of revenue. They listen very carefully to the customers because customers often have the best ideas for new opportunities for their business. Even though their eyes are fixed on the present, they’re restlessly looking out for opportunities. They are flexible and adaptable to newness and change.

  1. Growth Ideology

Those who run business are driven by the need to meet the basic minimum requirements. They plan and work to pay salaries and hit their target as set per time. The mindset of the true entrepreneur is ‘beyond limits’ Their mindset dictates exceeding limits, they think big and go big even at a time their organization might be small, they don’t think small.

  1. Vision

People who run a business are the kind of people who when they buy a machinery for example, they can only see it for what it looks like today. They can’t picture what it will look like tomorrow. True entrepreneurs have a vision of what their company or the organization is going to look like down the road. If you ask them, they will paint a picture of where they’re going to be in 5-10 years. They have capacity to constructively envision an imaginary future. Such a future which is limitless and with tremendous growth opportunity for them and for their employees. This helps in their decision making for today whilst impacting the business in the long-run.

  1. Work Ethos

People who run a business act like employees. When it is 5 o’clock they “log out” and make their way home, the day’s work is ended! They fail to realise that the poor showing of their enterprise is traceable to their minimum daily effort. True entrepreneurs act like owners, they know that in order to build an enduring business empire, 9-to-5 is limiting. They are willing and able to put in the work even if it means working seven days a week. Ask Aliko Dangote who sleeps only 4hours in a day. Of course, when the results comes and they turn out quite successful, we talk about “how lucky they are”, forgetting that for such a long time they worked nights and even weekends. “Private victory precedes public victory.” According to Stephen Covey.

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