Attitude Of Winners To The Future

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The question worth answering at this point is if the future is a far away time that has to be waited for, or perhaps a far flung period that has to be anticipated with bated breath for it to happen. Better still, could it be fleeting, unreal, a mirage, an illusionist concept or simply a journey to the land of self-deceit where a giant clock with hands as long as the Nile will move in a slow but calculated rhythm across a surface as wide as the Sahara to usher us into the future.

In the course of reading through this book, we will be delving into the mystery of futurism as a concept of human living and its attendant effect on us. Does it not come as a rude surprise that we put our hopes in the future but not really knowing what the future holds or portends? Many times over, at the expense of being seen as futureless, we talk about the future all the same.


Attitude Of Winners


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