Awakening Leadership in the Youth.

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The vision and mission of a man really starts from their respective early days, though in the country where I was born not everyone had the so called glorious and well organized starts, only a few had their life planned for them by their parents or guardians because of how heavy their pocket and wellbeing seems to be in all spheres.

However, I believe a glorious life of a youth goes beyond being born with a silver  spoon, its actually all about you, for you can go on to cast your ordinary ore to become a precious stone that the whole world will love to gaze upon.  If you want to be a leader, the dream achievement starts from you, how far have you been able to discipline yourself? How loyal are you among your folks?….the search for something great..(the thirst for success)…

Furthermore, we all needed change,  so we fought, shouted and agitated for it to earn it, but how far have we gone to change our own personal ideologies and level of reasoning? We should all know that leadership trait has nothing to do with age, it’s a ground that gives you room to showcase yourself to the world if you really know what you are doing and why you are doing all that you are doing to achieve that height of being a leader.

To be all honest to ourselves, the youth should wake up from their slumbers. Life goes beyond the tattoos, the clubbing and the town lustful ransacking… It’s hightime we looked at what we could do to make the world a better place that suits our life and purpose at large.  Be a blessing to the upcoming generation …..the act of being a good leader starts from you….

Here are the questions that more light will be shed upon in the second part of this piece. What are the youths really doing? Do the youths have a voice at all? What’s our respective contribution to our various homes? Tell me,what would you love to be remembered for…a disciple of leadership or the cankerworm that eats the above mentioned to its root?……..Think!!!

– Amoran A. Stanley

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