Be an Advocate of Good Works.

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We live in a world today where we are daily bombarded with negative news and evil deeds. A world where evil news and deeds overtake good news and good deeds. A world where it seems HOSTILITY has swallowed up HOSPITALITY in victory.

However, it ought not to be this way. Regardless of the rate and manner in which evil is been perpetuated and promoted, you & I should choose to be promoters of good works wherever we find ourselves.

Be an advocate of helping others. Share goodness within your reach; in your home, office, and society at large.

Be known only for what inspire others to do good works; for what improves or add value to others, for what fosters unity and peace in an environment.

Negative thoughts and deeds should not thrive in your space. Don’t get jealous or envious of someone’s progress. Don’t wish someone’s downfall. Don’t get involve in gossips.

Don’t get involve in acts you know stand the chance of supporting or promoting evil, or that can break a home or that can breed hostility in any environment.

More so, don’t get discourage because your good works are not noticed right now. Keep doing them, your reward is sure.

You see, our catchment areas would be better if we are advocates of good works despite the evil in the world. So, do good and keep doing it; don’t stop!

Abraham Eyekomiogban is the CEO Hapex Training and Consulting Ltd.



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