Being Expensive, but Cheap to Maintain

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BEING EXPENSIVE, BUT CHEAP TO MAINTAIN! A lady can be expensive by the values she uphold and the level of confidence (not pride) she has developed. Girls like to hype things especially student, you see a girl tell you that her body cream is 18,000 naira, powder 10,000 and the list continues and my next reply is; where do you work? And a funny answer I can never forget is ‘why are the guys there’? No guy, even if he is a pastor will keep spending on you so much and you won’t pay much. I know of a girl who her father gives 30,000 naira monthly, for her pocket money, but yet she is not contented because she has to carry a bag worth 45,000 naira and so she must do ‘stuffs’ to survive. The question I often ask myself is that; who are you trying to impress, who is so much interested in you to want to know every single details of what you wear? Life is in stages and phases. Learn to do things per time and at the right time. Know why you’re doing anything, and be the original you and never compare yourself.                                      The gadget someone is killing herself to get today will be outdated by the time you finally want to get yours, so, why the rush? Your true beauty is when you can manage and not nag when things are a little bit rough.



-Angela Ojor-Paul is a budding writer and the founder of Angie Non-Governmental Organization for Unique Ladies with the core purpose of changing the Ideology of Nigerian Ladies.

ANGOFUL is a place for helping ladies who have lost their true identity and morals by developing a clear understanding and vision of their potential.


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