Between The Deceived And The Deceiver

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On a simple note, one would have associated wisdom with old age or better still, rightful thinking with advancement in age. Coming from a culture and a moral base that frowns at you calling an older person a fool (even in the face of blatant foolery), then the case ‘be-as-e-get’.

If you’re seeing through my kind of prism then you must have noticed the market-square-naked-dance-of whose-butt-is-dirtier by a good number of people with whom you would ordinarily have found some modicum of wisdom.

Why will anybody in his right frame of mind beg ‘ANYONE’ to contest Nigeria’s presidency, how inept? Not minding whichever party, it is outlandishly dunce. If you desire a lady’s hand in marriage, you make your intentions known to her, when the lady’s family goes round getting signatures of family members to submit to a potential groom then something is wrong to warrant turning logic on its head.                       Trust me, IF the groom eventually marries your daughter, he will ride roughshod over you and your family. No wonder they carry on in office as if they’re favouring us.

Someone once challenged me for questioning those who are ‘better read’ than me. I may not hold a PhD but remember, neither do I have a degree in ‘MUMUdom’, the kind that makes a man beg cap in hand to buy his neighbours’ fart! Whoever said academics is 100% fool-proof!

Back to the matter please,

How dare beg ANYONE to sit over the lives of 160 million people?

How dare beg ANYONE to live on free food and lots of drinks that sometimes makes drunk running to billions for 4years?

How dare beg ANYONE to have the convenience of the 11 jets in the Presidential fleet at no cost to him, his family and cronies?

How dare beg ANYONE to have the privilege of being the number one citizen of Africa’s pride with a lifetime pension.

How dare beg ANYONE to have the privilege of being in charge of our common patrimony when he doesn’t have an uncommon might reserved for the gods.

Begging ANYONE to vie for Nigeria’s presidency is an insult on Nigerians and a precursor for yet another unprepared leadership toeing the prints of ALL the other military and ‘civiliamilitary’ rulers we’ve had in Nigeria.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I pray neither me nor any other person who’s got a mind will join to do this mindless naked acrobatic display. THINK!

– ‘Dapo Omojola

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