Black Black Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

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This nursery rhyme speaks loads of volume yet appears not to say much. Bla, Bla, Bla sheep have you any wool?. It’s amazing to note that the question was begged of a sheep not a goat. What do you have to offer the world my new Nigerian?. It appears the modern day Nigerian is desperately fighting to change his being in it’s entirety. His clothes, food, tongue, mannerisms. We call it swag or Swaggoo . I call it swagfool. There is this sudden misplaced accent all over our airwaves. Our kids no longer can speak their native dialects except the very ill opportuned kids who still maintain the norm in our hinterlands. Our parents got these opportunities to go abroad in the 60’s and came home equipped with the tools to better our society and not accents to impress. Yes, they also were influenced by and copied western music but they quickly adapted it to Afro and still maintained our ethnicity in the new genre. They still sang in our tongues. (Thank God for some of the Ibile boys). Nollywood is so much of the fine picture lately than the content of our values. I still don’t know which country Tinsel actually represents. I AM confused. We have even migrated fully to carcinogenic diets forgetting that it is this food packaging process and fast food culture that blew up the cancer infestation of the west. I recall watching an episode of Sanford and son way back and seeing Redfoxx so proud to wear and scream “I just got me an African Danshiki”. I was so inspired and unhappy I didn’t have one. Why do we still wear ties to count money in the banks though?

Why is their so much foreign Trapp music all over these new radio stations. Hugh Masakela’s “mama se mama sa makusa” became the biggest hook on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album as reworked by Quincy Jones. Wizkid inspired Drake with his hood story about Ojuelegba but barely was given a voice on Drake’s One Dance. This says a lot about how we present our self and are thus treated. Why do I hear the same tones from the OAP’s on atleast 7 radio stations and can’t distinguish who is who or what station is which? Why is their nothing special on radio and TV anymore. Why do the adverts look so same, and plastic. Who exactly is everyone trying to impress with what isn’t theirs. I am yet to see a modern day Bisi Olatilo yet these on air personalities drive and influence what the kids consider the norm. Our movies speak magnitudes. Our music is doing okay, the Americana wanna be’s have Adekunle Gold to contend with. “Ariwo ko ni music o” Lol. Yes, Lol. Wish we could go back to when that stood for Lots Of Love and really Love who we are, were and should be. Here’s a quote I got somewhere giving perspective to my retorts.‎
“The Creator made all members of the Human family beautiful. It is a sign of inferiority for a whole ethnic group of people to try and imitate the beauty standards of another. This is one of our biggest negative legacy from slavery. ‎We were dehumanized and made to feel like we were worthless. We were ridiculed and told that we were dirty, black, and ugly. ‎We have spent over 150 years trying to prove to European Americans that “we can behave and look just like them.” ‎We straightened our hair, wore straight hair wigs and weaves. We used bleach creams to lighten our skin. ‎We then proclaimed that ‘black was not ugly but beautiful.’ ‎Desperately trying to turn the offensive term black, that was historically used to degrade us into a positive term. ‎Once we stop thinking and behaving like we need to prove something to our fellow Caucasian Americans; then we will surely be a free and independent people. ‎We will begin to solve the problems plaguing our community and not wait for others to solve them for us.”‎
koffi’Tha Guru’ is Nigeria’s most versatile entertainer, comedian, actor, singer and author of the book ‘Beauty of The Beast: The Scars that made me a Star.

#ComicTruthbyKoffi is not a personal attack on anyone or institution, he only writes about those/things he loves and is passionate about. You can catch some more honest opinions on his #KoffiweeklyDigest on www.

He recently released a new music video “Sociality” featuring Emma Oh Ma God and Woli Arole (Off his forth coming 13th music album #CollaboraShunz)                                         ‎

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