CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME; Brandishing failure testimonial:

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The launch of the new campaign by the federal government of Nigeria on the 8th of September was the most retrogressive thing they ever did and heightening the despondency in the land. The Yorubas say: it can never get so bad for a father for him to appeal to his dead child in heaven. As much as the campaign itself is not wrong, but to be launched by a failing administration after 15 months is a shameful wave of leadership failure testimonial in the public.

Please don’t get me wrong in this matter. If the FG has launched the “change begins with me” campaign immediately after the swearing in or anytime before the 100 days in office, it would have been greeted with warmth acceptance; but to tell Nigerians that change begins with them after majority have concluded you failed in giving the positive change and rather than admitting to the change-failure, turned round to say the change begins with us is something else.

The leadership implication of that new campaign is renouncement of the promised change, admittance of failure in effecting positive change in Nigeria and a public affirmation of the fact that this present administration has no blueprint, yellow or any colour for that matter. I have always known that Buhari handles our problems as if he was not in Nigeria all these while or he’s an alien. He doesn’t seem to know Nigerians; he came to run a one man show but when he failed, he’s transferring the responsibility for the change back to the followers.

Nigerians need aggressive reorientation and that was expected to herald any other program of this administration. The average Nigerian doesn’t ask where the money comes from and the corruption has eaten too deep into our fabric but coming to launch this campaign after Nigerians are famishing is not only misplaced, it’s foolish.

Remember, President Buhari never participated in any preelection debate, no articulation of how he intended to tackle our numerous problems, never told us what he expected from us other than our votes and now that Nigerians are attacking the APC government and this administration for the negative changes and hardships in the land, the federal government launched change begins with me with funfair.
Why it can’t fly: Mr President went of overseas treatment for ear infection. The appointments are lopsided, the attitude towards the bring back our girls campaigners are cruel, inflation rate is inflated, corruption remains on the streets, the state government Houses, immunity persist and the party loyalists are exempted from prosecution. The question is: Who are the advisers of this President? At least, they should stop making the Commander in Chief appear like confused and visionless. This administration has not only failed but has been very shameless about it.

I know some APC goons are still defending this administration and seeing our criticism as unpatriotic but I just ask them what has changed about their President from 1985? What has changed about Aso Rock in the last 15 months? Then what has changed in the defenders; from what to what? Nigerians are not stupid, at least all of us are not stupid. The same deception from leadership has persisted and lack of confidence in government must persist.

As for me, I hope the bad change will not begin with me because I don’t know what they want me to change to; this is a “do as I say administration, not do as I do”. The hypocrites are in government and it is difficult to decipher the direction of this country presently. God have mercy on Nigerians because we never knew the hardship could get this bad.

“Enu ole se, enu ko ni ijoba” Governance is more than mantra, words of mouth alone can’t bring positive changes, it’s focused leadership and determination that can bring about positive changes. This administration needs an urgent leadership retreat; presently, this is a compounded leadership failure and the campaign is shameful brandishing of the leadership failure testimonial.

God have mercy on Nigeria and bless us with true leaders indeed.

Good morning and welcome back from the Sallah holiday.

Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson

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