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This mysterious abduction was executed on the early hours of Tuesday April 15, 2014 by the terrorist group known as Boko Haram. Since then, the whole world has not known peace, not only Chibok community of Borno State in the north eastern Nigeria.

THE COMPASSION: The Yorubas have the adage that means “the agony of a lost child is more than a dead one” because it’s difficult to settle down to the reality and move on with life. The Chibok Girls story is indeed very sad and likewise all the abductions by these fear-propagating sect (terrorists). Many individuals and organisations, both within and outside Nigeria have done all kinds of protests and advocacy to ensure the return of these girls to no avail. 630 days after the abduction, the case is still as bitter as when the news first broke out. There are various devastating rumours about what could have happened to these girls in the custody of cruel young men but they are better left in our imaginations

THE CONFUSION: The Federal government did not react to the news or the agitation until the 4th of May, 2014 and on the 5th, the First Lady (Madam Patience Jonathan) broke down into tears when her attempts to unravel the mystery only brought more confusions. Rather than ignore the messager and focus on the message; why would she cry, Nigerians made the video of the cry go viral online and it became comic relief. Obviously, the Presidency of Dr. Jonathan didn’t get intelligence reports on the abduction until it became an international issue. This was used successfully to hatch the exit of Dr Jonathan from Aso Rock. Buhari promised to find the girls and return them  with a victory over Boko Haram but after 6 months in the presidency, Buhari, a former military Head of States only confirmed on the presidential media chat of 30 December 2015 that no one knows the whereabouts of the girls and whether they are alive. That was sincerely undiplomatic. On Thursday morning, Madam BBOG, (Dr. Oby Ezekwesili) openly expressed her disappointments on Channels TV at the remarks of Mr. President on the Chibok Gilrs’ abduction. She was disappointed at the failure of Buhari Presidency to meet the December deadline for the victory over Boko Haram with the return of the girls.

1.Many females have been recovered, set free by military operations but the “chibok girls” are still missing.
2. Many terrorists have been arrested but none confessed any knowledge of Chibok girls.
3. How can over 200 teenagers be abducted without any trail? Not even the American and French military assistance produced results.
4. It is Federal Government Girls College, Chibok but how come all the abducted girls’ parents are from chibok community?
5. Reports says the school was closed down 4 weeks earlier due to security concerns but reopened to allow these children sit for WAEC exams without military protections.
6. They were abducted on the guise that they are to be urgently moved to safety but how come the Principal, his wards and some teachers where left behind; don’t they need safety?
7. Few of the returnees granted interview were not able to speak good English, something that is very contrary to the known standard of Unity schools
8. The parents of the abducted girls tarried for so long to meet with President Jonathan, a situation that first aroused my curiosty because more than 100 parents can never agree on such; the Yorubas say: “You search for the missing thing anyhow”
9. The tempo of the advocacy reduced after the inauguration of the new administration.
10. Some parents are paraded on TV but how come there were no elites among them.

I know there were pockets of abductions from Chibok and neighbouring communities because there were undeniable agonies on the faces of the paraded parents but saying that they were all abducted in a drove is insulting our collective intelligence. All the above mentioned points only confirm why there are contradictions, why the agonising parents could avoid presidency, why elites are not among the parents and why no one has ever alluded to how over 200 teenage girls were moved by about 20 armed youths without trails. It is impossible to arrive in female hostels in the middle of the night and find girls in uncompromising conditions that will cause emotional upset to these abductors. The issue is now a national embarrassment and insulting to our military intelligence. If Mr. President says he doesn’t know their whereabouts or whether they are alive, has that not justified the cries of Madam Patience now? Then one wonders if they ever existed, the way they were portrayed.
Fellow Nigerians, we must learn to ask questions and reasonably analyse events in our polity because nothing happens by chance in Nigeria.
How do we recognise what we are looking for when we find it when we can’t identify it? When the shop of a Benz spare-part dealer is burgled, he doesn’t claim his Benz C200 was stolen because though the worth of goods stolen might be worth the cost of the claimed car, that still doesn’t mean “a car” was stolen, they were still parts.
I pray the parents of the missing children find their girls but not “the chibok girls” as sold to us because that is like chasing the wild goose.

Good morning friends and welcome to the first working week of the year.


Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson, an astute social commentator writes from Ibadan.

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