Entitlement Mentality 2-No One Owes You Anything.

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So you’re of the opinion that having a few more money he should oblige the payment of your children’s school fees? That beggar by the street corner strongly believes you should be able to part with some money, at least you’re driving a nice car! Are you erroneously thinking that the world owes you something? Are you looking to others to do something for you rather than focusing on what you can do for yourself?
It is very common for people to feel that those in authority or those that are successful owe them something. This kind of thinking can be seen in our present day youths.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with you having expectations of others. But the fact remains that even with a billion in his account, it is still totally up to him to decide whether to give the beggar the money or whether to sponsor those children through school.
Similarly if I were the owner of that company you work, it would be totally up to me to decide whether to promote you based on your long service, the same long service you believe qualifies you to earn a promotion.

The bottom line is remains that whatever decision I choose to make in any of these cases wouldn’t be incorrect. I may help you by a compulsion through my spiritual convictions and beliefs, but even that would be up to me, not you. The fact is that, apart from very few very specific cases, no one is entitled to anything from anyone.
You owe it to yourself.
The only person that is responsible for getting you what you want in life is yourself. The entitlement mentality of thinking someone owes you something is one that you should not have lest you stagnate and gather dust.

‘Dapo Omojola

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