Entitlement Mentality Will Kill You, Kill it!

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When we were little and playing sports not minding if our team lost, we still got a gift. Hung in my living room right now is one of such unearned medal given to my 5year old. When on outings with our parents and saw stuff we liked, we asked our caring parents to get same for us without taking no for an answer. As adults, those that manage to get a job demand higher salaries, bonuses and promotions, no matter how little education and skills they have. So, all these create what I call the entitlement mentality. What is my right is rightfully mine, isn’t it?

Are you erroneously thinking that the world owes you something? Are you looking to others to do something for you rather than focusing on what you can do for yourself?
It is very common for people to feel that those in authority or those that are successful owe them something. This kind of thinking can be seen in many situations. A good, but extreme, example would be the beggar in the street who feels that because you are driving a nice car you should give him something for a meal.

Coming closer to many people’s experience, another example would be the relative who feels that because you are well educated and have a good job you should take over his responsibility of seeing one or two of his children through school. Then there is the employee that feels entitled to a promotion because they have served long in an organization.

Permit me to share with you further on Entitlement Mentality. Quite backward and retrogressive we can become when found in the depth of this mindset. ‘ Entitlement Mentality’ is the mindset that whispers to you constantly that you deserve to get help. That it’s your right to be helped and anyone that doesn’t help you is bad or evil(if you’re religious) and has thus offended you because it is their duty and absolute responsibility to help you.

Sometimes, a person with the entitlement mindset might actually have personal purpose and even lofty ideas that has value. Unfortunately the believe that the people around them have a duty to help them kills such initiatives and they fail to stretch their minds and look for the resources they require outside of that immediate circle. Entitlement mentality says you can benefit without working, it doesn’t believe in value addition, seed and harvest principle is unknown to this mentality.

Entitlement Mentality in simpler terms refers to expecting help from Daddies, Uncles and Aunties with or without any personal purpose for life. This mentality corrodes our sense of self sufficiency and responsibility. Entitlement mindset is part of what has kept most of Africa in poverty. THINK!

….to be continued

‘Dapo Omojola

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