Excuse Me, Stop The Excuses!

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I am still looking and praying for a time in our nation,  when all those in position of authority and control would stop giving us excuses but rather deliver on what they have been charged to do…., I wait to see the day when all “hailing hailers”  and “wailing wailers”  (Apology to ‘Dapo Omojola) would stop giving excuses for either side. The day when leaders would be asked to either deliver or step down, the day when service delivery would be our sole demand as Nigerians….

I am a bricklayer,  I know nothing about the law,  nor banking neither do I know about economics and that’s why I have voted for some people to take that charge and the day they fail,  please let them quit. My needs are moderate. I need water, good road,  electricity and other basics. If for whatever reason which I don’t really care about, these can not be delivered then those that have been charged to provide these should please quit. 

excuses 1Enough of blame games.If Tafa Balogun as an Inspector General of Police can go to prison,  I care less if Bukola Saraki as Senate President does same as long as it’s within the ambit of our laws. Let all those that are responsible for whatever take responsibility for same.                                                                                                                                                                                                  I need fuel,  I’m not interested in vandals or any cabals, please deal with whatever challenges and give the common man like me what we deserve.

I look forward to the day Nigerians will all stand up and unite against corruption, bad governance and failed promises from Elected OfficersThe day we‘ll all shun and do away with tribalism, nepotism  and ethnic sentiments.

When that day comes, then we would have started the journey towards a greater nation                                                                  This is doable…                                                                                                                                                                                     GOD BLESS Nigeria!

 Kazeem Mohammed is a Chattered Accountant and Social Commentator, he writes from Lagos.

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