From Rice Vote To Right Vote

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From Rice Vote To Right Vote.

Just wondering about the height of inactivity we have climbed as Nigerian youth. We’re regally clad in the garment of passivity, beaming with smiles of hopelessness, basking in the fast dimming e-go-beta ‘hope’. Can we for once take our destinies in our hands, elections are soon here again.

There is need to educate others about the right use of their vote which of course is their power. I will suggest that we vote our conscience and not vote with sentiments, the perceived expectation that your preferred candidate will not win therefore voting someone else, don’t mind if you’re the only one voting your candidate. It’s your choice, it’s your vote, and it’s your power!

Isn’t it rather belittling that same politicians who see you go to bed hungry yesterday now bring bags of rice today because tomorrow is the election. I want to opine that it’s no big deal being attempted to be belittled, its big deal accepting to be belittled by allowing a pot of porridge to sway your conscience as you vote. No wonder we beg them to do their job after election, no wonder we get jubilant at the sight of a few of them who do what they were elected to do in the first place by saying ‘they tried’ as if they were voted into office to ‘try’.

We need to activate, by virtue of use, the power of the electorate to recall erring or misbehaving legislator. We should translate into a season where politicians come to realize that the electorate is their boss as it played out in the recent election in Ekiti State and not the other way round. I will be shocked if you belong to the stalk of those who will not vote at all leaving it to others to do, an action that’s as good as throwing ones future into uncertainty. Quit the electoral passivity, it is akin to prolonging the servitude years of the Israelites in Egypt. A random sampling of the trending voting pattern shows that about 25-30% of registered voters actually vote!

Nigeria isn’t as hopeless, is it? Not as hopeless if I will set aside my computer keyboard for a while and participate in active politics.                                                                                                                                             It’s not, if the right minded will stick out their necks for elective offices.                                                          I I’m tired of being referred to as the leader of tomorrow when 50 year olds are Youth Leaders in our political parties and our tomorrow has not yet come.                                                                                         I’m tired of seeing same people in the corridors of power as I saw and heard of when I was in primary school; I’m tired of folding my arms in company of other arm-folding youth because we assumed helplessness.                                                                                                                                                                         I’m tired of the sight of those who should know more being at the beck-and-call of those who know lesser and even being manipulated to act contrary to moral expectations all because of improperly buttered bread.

What do you think?                                                                                                                                                            I think it’s time for a change, (not a political slogan). We need change, we can make change, change is here, change is now and it begins with you!

‘Dapo Omojola

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