Gaining Promotion At Work

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How to get the boss to delegate more important responsibilities to you.

Sometimes bosses don’t delegate important work and decision making power because they underrate the ability of their subordinates (in fairness, subordinates often overrate their capabilities at the same time). If you suspect you are underrated, the way out is to:


  1. Find a way to demonstrate your superior abilities,
  2. Let the boss know you are interested in using them.


Here are steps you can take to raise the boss’s eye brows and get him or her thinking

Come up with a Proposal, unsolicited and on your own, and present it to the boss, on how to:

  • Control cost
  • Automate work now being done by hand
  • Increase sales, market share,
  • Get work done faster, better
  • Provide better service to your customers
  • Or anything else that will make the boss look good
  • Ask to represent the boss when he or she can’t attend a meeting.
  • Go the extra mile always give the boss more than what he or she asks for
  • Volunteer to take on works that are not being done
  • Talk to your boss about the best use of your time and talents, and how they could lead to more responsibility.
  • Ask to help with the new big project that the boss is working on. Most bosses will help you to the extent they fill you can help them do a better job.
  • Do a good research job and wonderful presentations, and your boss will more than likely think of you the next time some important work needs to be done.


Additional Hints:

  • If your boss does not schedule them, initiate regular update sessions so you can fill him or her in on what great things you are doing, at the same time subtly stressing the fact that you are more competent way beyond your present responsibilities, ready and eager to take on more.
  • When you do get a new piece of work, no matter how small or insignificant, do all you can to do it well. Come up with original approaches, new formats. Be thorough, fast, and follow through to see that every details right. Plenty of people have gained new stature in the boss’s eyes by doing a great job.

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