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I tried putting pen to paper at least four times just so I could get something down but I always end up pushing my writing materials aside, not for lack of ideas or for want of something to write about but actually for having too much issues to pick from…very tasking.

Today I solved that problem by deciding to touch and summarise the major trending issues in the country. Then came the problem of giving the write-up a title. “GENERALLY SPEAKING” was the first to come to mind,very apt.

Let me start with the latest news in the country or outside of it,if you will, the arrest by the UK Metropolitan Police of our former “untouchable” Minister of Petroleum,  ‘HIGH’ Allison Madueke. She’s been absent from the country and away from our ‘prying’ eyes since power changed hands and her godfather/political benefactor was sent packing from Aso Rock for immediate relocation to Otuoke in Bayelsa State. We all thought she was terminally ill with cancer(at least that’s what her publicists put out for us) and living out her last days in a London hospital until we heard about the arrest. Truth is,I can’t possibly describe how happy I am on the pages of a paper but I can tell you I am very glad CORRUPT officials like Allison are touchable after all. If she eventually goes to jail, good riddance.

Just last week, Chief Olu Falae was kidnapped on his farm by Fulani herdsmen with whom,according  to reports, the Chief had been having running battles with. He was held for 4 days by his abductors and eventually released and re-united with his family. You’ll agree this is no news anymore, what is news,however is ‘how’ Chief Olu Falae regained his freedom. The family is insisting that they actually paid a huge ransom to get their Dad freed after the police had laid claim to rescuing the former SGF from the kidnappers den without paying any ransom. The police later said if any ransom was paid, it was without their knowledge. Makes you wonder where the truth lies.
The kidnappers had demanded N100million ransom from the family, it was later reduced to N90million.
The 70th UN general assembly that was recently held in New York, US, on 15th Sept., 2015 saw President Muhammadu Buhari speaking on the same day as other world Leaders. A remarkable feat owing to the fact that Nigeria was never allowed to address the world on the first day(not even the fist week) of the assembly. This is an indication that Nigeria is gradually regaining her place in the comity of Nations.
JP Morgan de-listed Nigeria from its emerging market index for alleged lack of liquidity for transactions and transparency in the determination of exchange rate. Although experts have insisted that the delisting does not amount to a downgrade of Nigeria or FGN Bonds, the development still calls for serious concern from the responsible Government Institutions.
JP Morgan is the largest Financial Services Holding Company in the US and the Worlds 5th largest Bank with total assets of 2.6 trillion $.

President Buhari’s Ministerial List has been on the front burner of trending topics on social media for sometime now. ‘THE LIST’ has been so much publicised and awaited that it is beginning to give some people sleepless nights while others can’t wait to see the people ‘holy’ enough to make the list.
Even the party in opposition wouldn’t leave the matter alone as they keep reading different political meanings to the Presidents’ failure to choose Ministers for his Cabinet more than a hundred days after being sworn into office.
In my opinion, the role of a minister in a government is overrated. I would never understand what all the fuss and brouhaha is about if so much can be achieved by the president,his vice and a few aides. If not for the Constitution, I would have suggested we make do with the current position, it has worked so far, it could work a little farther.

I have always liked Bukola Saraki. I had my higher education in Kwara State so I knew a little about the Saraki’s. For me,he was the best man for the no.3 position in the Country.I would rout for him any day. He however lost my respect when to me, he became the president of the Senate through the back door. An action that saw a figure from the opposition emerge as the deputy, this has never been experienced in the last 16 years of democratic rule under the PDP.
I believe,like me, a lot of other people, including fellow party leaders lost a large chunk of respect for him. Now,the pelting of the embattled Senator ‘Bukky’ at the praying ground in Kwara came as a surprise to many but some others, especially Kwarans saw it coming.
They feel slighted,cheated and neglected after catching a glimpse of what Bukky was worth…but who wouldn’t?

Meanwhile, I hope you know Nigeria came second in the recently concluded ALL AFRICA GAMES held in Congo Brazaville.

I had a good laugh last week when the PDP unveiled their “PLAN” for 2019 presidential election…
They are so bent on wrestling power back from the APC come 2019 that they will do about anything from mudslinging to outright mediocrity. They called their plan ‘zoning’ but I choose to call it the ‘Northern agenda’. The party plans to pick their next presidential candidate from the North come 2019. Does the PDP think APC won because Buhari is from the North? Common!
So, now, ‘ABOKI L’O LE SE?’ LOL, LWKMD!!!!!!!!!
No more fear of a Northerner Islamising Nigeria again,sebi? Na wa o!
Dudes, in case you don’t know, we voted for Mohammadu Buhari not because he’s an ABOKI, we voted for him because he’s credible and we trust he could help us rid the centre of severe corruption brought about by your inept and corrupt rule. We would have voted for a man(or woman) from any other part of the Country if we felt he/she could deliver and take us to the promised land.
PDP NWC are trying to play on the fact that Northerners always voted en masse. What they really need is the population of the North and to create rancour and confusion in the minds of the Northern electorate as to which aboki to vote for in the election.
If Buhari performs as we expect he will, we will still vote for him in the next general elections if he so wishes to run again.

Finally, I was particularly enthralled by the presidents’ Oct.1st Independence day celebration speech. It was concise and straight to the point. No unnecessary ambiguities or artificial political colourations. He said it the way it is, the way I would have said it. In spite of all we have been through together, though, not yet uhuru, we are gradually coming out of the doldrums and it can only get better with our collective efforts.
According to the President, no one should be afraid of perceived or real persecution, rather, you should be afraid of the consequences of your actions. Gbam!
You can see the full text of the presidents’ speech here

Nigeria is generally such a fun place to live and its cool being a NIGERIAN, believe me.
–  Temitope Aguda writes from Lagos.

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