Great Men Don’t Just Marry Anybody, Who Are You?

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It’s no news that large percentage  of some lady’s biggest dream is “getting married”… before you get me wrong, weddings are beautiful but, WHO ARE YOU?

Marriage is not the being of a happy existence and that’s why I try as much as I can to stress on ladies discovering themselves, understanding themselves  and already walking in their God given purpose. This simply help you in knowing who to accept into your life and who not to. This is because every man can’t be your husband!

We’ve been told guys don’t like wedding, well, I have a different view today.
An average guy isn’t thinking of wedding like a lady does, but, immediately, he finds the right one, he becomes more anxious in settling down because he knows he has seen a personality different from every other lady he’s met!

Hunie, the year is still fresh, as you are anticipating meeting your Prince charming, how would you score yourself on a scale from one to ten, with one being in great shape, in the following areas?
• Spiritually    ____
• Emotionally ____
• Physically   ____
• Financially   ____
• Relationally  ___

An average man will marry anybody…
A great man don’t marry anybody, they marry somebody.
Now, you know, would you like to meet an average or great mind?

Likes attract babes, the time you spend chatting, petty gossips, following latest celebrities saga, turn it to something more productive sugar.
Like learning a skill, enrolling for an exam or increasing your income.  Targets like investing or doing something out of the norm to get extra cash. Read more books, listen to messages, spend more time with your Father, build healthy relationship with people. Take yourself for a vacation. Visit a spa. Just groom yourself to becoming a QUEEN deserving of a KING!

Your only limitation to the realization of what you can truly become is only YOU, yes YOU darling.
That being said, you will have to probably set a goal, draft a daily plan, become accountable, just push yourself to being more.

Life is for the living… we all have a choice to choose what we want from life in the next 2,5,10 & 15 years from now… it doesn’t start tomorrow, but NOW!

My biggest Joy is seeing you Succeed!

Lots of Love, Angie😘


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