Green White Green.

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Though her white may be marred in clay, dirt, filth and lucre and the green lost its lush and nutrient, now burnt and patchy, not good enough for you and I to graze, yet, I still believe in Nigeria.

Though staggering and limping as a result of self-debilitating blows with crooked movements that seems destined for doom, yet, I still believe in Nigeria.img_20161001_085232

Though filled with self-made “natural disasters” seemingly designed to oppress, suppress and pauperise her subject, yet, I still believe in Nigeria.
Though tottering at 56, with the “right thinking” it’s doable, Nigeria can work!

Heavily ladened with a huge bastion of hope and having seen her brightness in the horizon, I make bold to say, NAIJA as we fondly call you, I believe in you.

It is doable, we are strong, we are bold, we are beautiful, we are resilient, we are dogged, we are NIGERIA. THINK!


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