He’s a Public Property.

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He is a public servant whose entire life is managed with public fund or tax payers money. He is a public property.

A simple thing that his handlers could have said is that President is sick and receiving treatment. He is progressing and stable. He sends you all warm regards. He will address the nation as soon as possible.

My personal view is that i must never hear any partisan politician e.g APC man complain about Aso rock clinic or any health budget as inadequate or excessive now and in future, in and out of power.

I must not hear any Minister of health particularly , the current one who apart from being a Professor of Medicine and a former Vice Chancellor say anything against medical tourism as he glowingly and sweetly said during his screening at the senate.

I must never hear again, any presidential aspirant campaigning that he or she will develop health institutions to an extent that he and Nigerians would not need to travel abroad to seek medical help just as President Buhari told Nigerians during his electoral campaign on the subject matter but now seeking medicare abroad against this promise.

This is the logic and fact. Any patient is a laboratory sample or medical research specimen for the development of medicine, science and education.

President Buhari has contributed immensely to the development of Medicine and Education of Great Britain free of charge instead he is (nigerians are) the one(s) to pay for the medicare received. During his last visit to UK he presented with hear infection so he helped ENT development. EAR, NOSE and THROAT whereas medical activists condemned that because there are many experts of this condition in Nigeria.

Nigerians do not know what their President is currently being treated for because his handlers think it is none of their business. One can just hope that it is not hear infection again.

Let us leave sentiment apart, as we pray as it is typical of Nigerians, let us also take actions, plan and take responsibilities therefore my advise is that whatever is affecting or may be affecting any current and future Nigeria’s presidents medically should be fully diagnosed as soon as they are sworn in since our democracy does not discriminate against a sick person or someone with serious condition from contesting an election so that we can provide for all Presidential medical needs in Aso Rock clinic or create Presidential wings in some teaching hospitals and source local and imported Doctors and other health workers whenever a president falls sick. We have money. Import all the Doctors.

We have to stop being silly.

People in Government need to understand that millions of Nigerians can not afford the cost of medication for minor illnesses not to talk of operations minor or major. This is apart from hunger and anger induced psychological illnesses as well as poverty induced sociological sicknesses.

When it gets to that, tolerance limit and threshold is reached, the remaining able bodied men will protest because it seems nothing there is nothing to be happy about.

The party members list achievements of their Government but the impacts of such achievements are not reflecting in their lifes.

Happiness has no hidden place. Happy people do not mourn of scarcity of food , concern of safety, freedom of association, fear of injustice,

Look at anti government protesters. They avoided taking their protests to the North for sure they may not live to tell the story whereas pro government protesters will go to anywhere. Even though some pro government protesters wear dark sunshades and disguised to hide identity. That speaks volume on how divided we are.

Ayodeji Olaleye writes from UK.

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