‘I’ am Anonymous!

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The word anonymous  politely signifies a hidden identity….. mostly accepted in the society as a form of humility especially towards a nice gesture or act from the average man. However, there is way more to the word than meets the eye to the accepting nature of the society. In our world today,  a lot of articles, poems, inspirational and motivational words have come from people who have chosen to stay anonymous for reasons best known to them. Also the likes of some who have made donations for a good course stick to the anonymous timeline. In connection to my last write up….. see ‘Admitting I ‘ ,  the society accepts the above persona as good and fit enough for humility.

On the other hand there is the struggling few who use anonymity for what the average man or better still the society in general perceive as bad /negative . A practical example in our modern world is in the case scenario of “kidnappers  or abductors”. They choose to stay anonymous for a major reason…… protection from the harsh punishments of societal justice. Having seen two sides to the use of the word anonymous, there is still an aspect that connects to the ‘i’ of an individual.Anonymous

‘I’ related to anonymous is simply that character traits that we tend to deliberately sideline.  In actual fact we ignore its existence to ourselves and the society at large. I recently stumbled on a group during my research called Alcoholic Anonymous….. a very confidential group that only make use of their first names and do not identify one another as members of the group for reasons best known to the very existence of the group. The discovery made me wonder what the possible reasons could be, perhaps they do not want other persons to know about their drinking habits or maybe it’s the ‘dual personality ‘ act that they possess amongst other things that kept me wondering. In mathematics, with reference to an arbitrary element (humans) within a well defined set, anonymity of that element refers to the property of that element of not being identifiable within its set. If it is not identifiable  then the element is said to be “anonymous”. One can deduce from the above, that for every set of “I” that we possess  (character traits )
the one that we fail to admit we exhibit in our lifestyle is the element otherwise called anonymous. Like the origin of the word (Greek origin) ‘anonymia’ we in fact regard those shameful acts as nameless on the grounds that we fail to admit we possess such characters.

For everyone that has gone through the above article, struggling with one character that we believe the society frowns at, you might want to start with giving it a name after gradually accepting.  I also want to appreciate everyone that has encouraged my work. Join me next time on the topic I AM A PEDOPHILE.





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