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“You are dull, a big disappointment, always at the bottom of your class. I don’t know about your mother, but personally, I cease to pay any fees concerning your academics. The only option I’m giving you is to go and learn a trade or handy-work. I AM DONE. Diran’s world had just come to an end. This was his third class repetition and the third school he had attended in his secondary stage. At 18yrs, he was still in SS2 and it didn’t seem like he was going to pass that stage, especially with no fees or even self motivation to scale through….” DYSLEXIA is a learning disability in which a person finds it difficult to read and write properly.

Sadly it is common amongst children or better put it starts from childhood. Now do not go all sad and emotional for a dyslexic, as they are not low on intelligence or lazy. It’s just a common condition that affects the average way the brain processes written and spoken language. My only sad and emotional reaction to these particular “I”, is based on the lack of proper information or should I say knowledge that we might use in helping them. Officially, this write-up is for Parents and intending parents anytime soon or in the future. DYSLEXIA primarily is known as a reading disorder that digs deep and affects writing, spelling and even speaking [speech], as well as difficulty in remembering what they have learnt. The truth for now states that a child with dyslexia cannot outgrow it, but permit me to add ‘except by divine intervention’. This particular “I” is increasingly hard to admit too by kids, simply because of the humiliation that comes from the jest of other kids at school.

Having gone through teasing at school, these kids come home and go under undue pressure from parents who just refuse to see that there might be more to their Child’s slow academic progress, which in most cases is not connected to a child being dull. All that such a child really needs to grow is love and patience. Parents need to see beyond the physical and get maximum information on certain features our children possess and seek help if and when needed. Children on the other hand need someone to confide in…relate their fears, and if it’s difficult at school, it definitely should not be the case at home. I mean how would you feel when you desperately want to scream and express your thoughts/problems and the one person who could possibly help out cannot study you enough to see how depressed the matter has made you or finds it so hard to get what you have been trying to communicate.

Dyslexic 2The truth is, such a child will definitely have complex issues, and we all know the huge damage that comes from being inferior. Very few people come out with deep determination as a backing. It might interest you to know that the likes of Steven Spielberg…yeah you guessed right the TITANIC DIRECTOR, Charles Schwabb…a great investor and Whoopi Goldberg of SISTER’S ACT have sailed through despite their dyslexic nature. So start being a good parent and take heed from these symptoms/causes *Genes/heredity: Before you make life miserable for the child you might want to be sure you are not the direct link to their disability. Please Parents, stop the “when I was in school I aced all my papers”, true or false, it’s not so bad showing your child that you have flaws and are not super human too.

Brain Anatomy: A dyslexics brain is different, as the planum temporale is the same size on both left and right sides of the brain and manifests thus: *Speech delay. *Trouble recognizing letters of the alphabet and numbers. *Blending sounds into words issues. *Struggle in word pronunciation e.g. mawn lower instead of lawn mower, left instead of felt. *Difficulty in learning new words. *Trouble rhyming. *Struggle with reading and spelling. *Trouble remembering facts. *Difficulty gripping a pencil.

HOW TO HELP: Read out loud every day, it will help the child and preferably involve picture. Know your Child’s interest. Use audio books. Observe and take notes on Child’s progress. Focus on effort, not outcome. Make your home reader friendly. Boost confidence.

Please note that the above symptoms, causes and help were gotten from surfing the net. You might want to try that too. In conclusion, it might interest you to know that Diran did not give up, His mum was ready to sell her life to aid him financially and he wanted to desperately make it no matter how many times he had to fail. I believe a lot in happy endings and I am sure you do too. Please study your children and be the best parent you can be. God gave them to you for a purpose… fulfill it. Pray, Love an Understand them amongst all others. Much love to all Children. A SPECIAL DEDICATION IN MAY TO ALL CHILDREN.


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