International Women’s Day: The Real Woman.

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The modern day woman has been pummelled, battered, bruised and denied of her life rights. Not because she deserves it, but partly because she’s been psychologically bedevilled by self-denigrating myths. They aren’t really the weaker vessels but a strong one being intimidated by a weaker soul.

On every occasion, I insist on being with my wife during delivery, it makes me appreciate her more, and I dare say on behalf of the truthful, ego-decentered men that men aren’t the stronger vessel in case we want to tow the vessel argument.
Ever seen them jump from chore to chore successfully?

Oh! ‘They’re wired to do that you may say’. I quite agree they’re masters at multi-tasking, the more reason you should accord them their due respect. Unfortunately, despite their delicate architecture, some silverware gets better treatment than they do.
Today, women are no longer like the piece of antiquated furniture that should be kept away from prominence, they now have their place in both corporate and political governance.

My grouse however is with the woman who fails to see her enormous strength, my grouse is with her believing that her strength is below her waist as opposed to being above her shoulders. It’s repulsive when a woman refers to disgusts such as her ‘bottom-power’, it’s belittling of your person to flaunt albeit flagrantly what should be your dignity.

In my candid opinion, what the despicable ones can’t show in intellectual capacity they show in body parts. Women arise, you’re more than that.
You’re not the polished nails, you’re not the extended eye-lashes, you’re not the ‘mary-kay’, you’re not the Brazilian hair, neither are you the sauna. There’s a you in you that is being malnourished at the cost of superfluous finishings that doesn’t endure.
That real you is your mind, pamper it, nurture it, feed it with ‘inforducation’.

Pray, that I do not find a further grouse in a male dominated atmosphere that chokes life out of the woman dream. That I won’t find further grouse in the woman seeking validation of the man to manifest what she’s been divinely empowered and capacitated to do, that the woman will no longer see herself as an object but a subject. WOMAN ARISE!

‘Dapo Omojola (Author and Social Reform)

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