Is There a State of Drunkenness?

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My take on two fairly contemporary issues of State.
Why will Ali the custom boss not want to put on his uniform? Why take the job when he knew he couldn’t wear a ‘lesser’ uniform having served in the army? If you think that is debatable, why will he disobey the ‘sinators’ who ordered a cessation of his importation paper policy? No matter how ‘sinful’ our ‘sinators’ are, they still represent the populace. I liken it to a confidence tipped over into arrogance, perhaps, a state of drunkenness.

Secondly, the Chocolate City Music label Boss Audu Maikori goofed and uttered statements capable of inciting violence. Too bad! Of course we’re all liable for whatever we post on social media. But the guy upon arrest apologized and even retracted his statements, good enough, no violence erupted on account of his loose utterances.

So, why is the diminutive El-Rufai bent on prosecuting him even though he has the right to do so? He wanted to make him an example, he said. Why has he not been able to apprehend and prosecute the Southern Kaduna killers as an example, rather he paid some off.
I wont hold brief for Maikori’s misdemeanor, but I think this is an over-kill despite his remorseful and remedial actions. I only see a sheer absurdity in the similitude of drunkenness of power.
Again I ask, is there a state of drunkenness? THINK!

‘Dapo Omojola


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