Just Do It: ASK!

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Earlier today while en route to Kano to visit 2 potential good friends of mine, I arrived at the Abuja park to a surprise. Apparently the fare from Abuja to Kano had suddenly increased from the N1800 I thought it was 2 months ago to N3000. I was flabbergasted (I’ve always wanted to use that word 🙂 ).

I had packed my bag in the booth of the car before being told what the fare was. I checked my pocket and realized I had only N2850. I picked up my bag and asked where the nearest ATM machine was to withdraw extra funds to be able to cover my fare.

I was barely 25 steps from the taxi towards the supposed ATM before realizing one thing: Herb Cohen is one of my mentors. You see, upon the indirect admonition of one Pastor Sam Adeyemi over 13 years ago, I had purchased and digested a book on negotiations by Herb Cohen: You Can Negotiate Anything. My life would not be the same again.

Upon the realization of the remembrance of that revelation, I turned back and headed towards the taxi driver that had initially told me the fare was N3000. I explained to him that I didn’t know that the fare had increased from the last time I entered it. I explained to him that I would be grateful if he would help all the passengers by saving time and accepting the entire N2850 I had. I explained to him I didn’t want to waste anymore of his time (since the car needed just one more passenger to be complete) and that he should collect the N2850 that I had on earth and in heav…..

He thought for about 2 seconds. “Oya just bring am like that,” was the next phrase I heard. I was surprised. I had forgotten the power of just ASKING. Worst case scenario, he would have said NO and the rapture would not have taken place. Come to think of it, it would have been better for the RAPTURE to have taken place, at least Heaven would have been a better place to go than Kano. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, let me get back to my point.

That’s how I was the only passenger in the 4-sitter-golf to enter with a spontaneously demanded discount of N150. I figured I would drop somewhere in Kano near an ATM to withdraw funds to proceed to my final destination.

And then something more interesting happened that made me proud of myself. While seated behind the driver, I sighted a gala (Nigeria’s most economically understanding food snack since 1960) by the driver’s door pocket. After stopping midway the 6 hour journey, every other passenger highlighted along with the driver to buy snacks and take a break.

Since I was temporarily moneyless, I was left to be looking into the air as if it will fill me up. And then a light bulb lit on my head the way it does on Tom’s head in Tom & Jerry. “Why don’t I just ask the driver for his gala,” I thought adventurously. I gathered the little remaining energy within me and asked the N50 question of the day.

I was surprised he gave me. OK I wasn’t really surprised. I was sha happy. He even gave me N100 and mandated that I should buy a bottle water to down it into my oesophagus. Is it the anointing on my head today or the 50 degrees Celsius water I bathed with earlier or is it just that all drivers en route from Abuja to Kano are this nice. Anyway, what’s my own. Let me just eat my gala jejeli before someone changes their mind.

So effectively that will result in me paying N2700 for a N3000 flight, sorry ride (if you’re one of those who hated maths while growing up, you’ll still need to find X). A whopping 10% indirectly negotiated discount in this “reception” all because I just did it: I ASKED.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should now be asking me to sow my 50 megapixel Canon 5dsr or Canon 1dx mk ii into your life. But then again, who knows…. All I’m saying is that sometimes we need to stop after a few steps in a direction that will cost us more and just do it: ASK.

ASK for that well-deserved raise at work.

ASK for that discount on that biscuit in Shoprite.

ASK for that soul to come to the knowledge of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

ASK for God to heal your heavily broken & bittered heart.

ASK for HIS will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

ASK for grace to love & forgive that spouse that has so hurt you.

ASK for that 2018 BMW 750i official car or iPhone X. Let me just stop right there and allow you fill in the blanks.

Here’s my point. Just Do It: ASK

Seun Akinsanmi.

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