Leaching the Rapist

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Leaching the Rapists

There was a news mention of a 14 year old raping a 3 year old which got me thinking. When you consider the ages of both the rapist and the victim you’ll agree with me that evil stares us in the face.

Unfortunately most cases go unnoticed because of the attendant stigmatisation of the victims, so we’ve made light of it for so long that it’s becoming monstrous.

Now to the proponents of indecent dressing as the cause of rape, what do we adduce this to, could a three year have been indecently dressed? Even though I’m an abhorrent of indecency, I equally believe that indecent dressing might be a remote cause of rape but not the absolute cause of same.

However, that being as it may, NO EXCUSE should be tenable for being animalistic, which is what a rapist is. When you tip a cup, it’s the content that is spilt, a rapist is already sick with the desire either fuelled by indecent exposure or not.

The making: Daddy, if you have pornographic materials on your laptop, tablet or phone, you’re stoking the fire of sexual abuse against our wards by either building a potential rapist or a potential rape victim while we remain quiet about your fate as an addict.

Bros and Uncle I hail o! If you tickle her and fondle her emerging breast because she’s a child and your “small wife” you’ve started fanning the embers of abuse. Why don’t you kindly keep your filthy fingers to yourself?

There’s so much nakedness and lewdness everywhere you turn, hence our need for proactivity. Don’t go to home videos, musicals, and advertisements which must carry sexual messages and lewd contents to fly and be commercially successful! A predominantly male item like shaving stick or shaving powder will need a sexually provocatively dressed lady to sell, ditto for 95% of music videos with barely clad ladies dancing their dignities away.

It’s time to speak out against rape and other forms of sexual harassments. It’s time we gave our children sexual education, it’s time we censored what they watch and listen to, lest we turn them to victims of sexual predators. It’s time for a stiffer legislation against rape and sexual molestation.

As a parent, I excuse your busyness, but in whose charge are your wards during your time of ‘busyness’? What measures are you putting in place to secure your children in the face of a widespread wholesale sexual bestiality that has pervaded our nation recently?

Pray, that we do not end the Indian way where a rape is recorded every 20 minutes. THINK!

‘Dapo Omojola

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