Leadership Callousness

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But Why?

I feel like using the public transport and drop my car at home for a while but realised that I will be deceiving myself to do that if am to achieve my daily plans in record time.

In my entire life, I haven’t done much in travelling around the world but by my last count, I would have touched few countries / continents.

Aside travelling for vacation, conferences or other reasons, I believe traveling will expand my knowledge and understanding of how things works or operates in other climes as I believe it will impact my leadership, governance and management skills

Amazingly, it baffles me knowing that many of our “so called leaders / rulers, have been to virtually every continents and must have see how things works / operates in those climes efficiently and effectively yet, we are where we are.Callousness

I feel pained seeing the transportation sector of our economy getting worsen and in comatose in this 21st century when there are many alternatives. My hope is that the new government will move swiftly in this regards.

Last year, I practically used all forms of transportation (both locally and internationally) means aside going to the space, Lol.

In one of my visit to a particular country, a friend will prefer leaving his car at home to use public transports to work and not only safe time but also safe money. It also make less cost of maintenance and what have you.

My take-away in all of this, every leader or anyone in past or present that occupies a position in government which could have brought about change or drastic improvement on our well being but neglected or added to the pain of our citizens must be a wicked individual. Such person should be stoned and abandoned in Kirikiri maximum prison.

Why and why should we still be here with all the billions and trillions of money budgeted yearly on infrastructures and training abroad without any evidence. God will punish you all!

If by 2019 we are still where we are now, I reserve my comment.

  • Ayo Morgan Adeyemi is the Publisher of Business Quotient Magazine

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