No May be the Best Answer Sometimes

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My simple advice for every new day; learn to say no…… say no to everything and anything that is not in tandem with your expected future. You’re not a garbage bin that accepts anything that comes it’s way, you’re a living being with a choice. No is actually far more difficult to say than yes, if in doubt, try denying someone of anything by saying no.

The urgency of breaking the conformity code is on you by saying a simple no, when you blend with the crowd you lose your distinction. If you’re empathic like me, then saying no might be a task, if you hate hurting people, then you must prefer a yes to them over a no. often times we go out of our ways to please people with a yes all in a bid to avoid a hurt which I must commend to be a very good and noble act. The question is, at what cost do we ensure the pleasure of these people in question.

How easy is it to say no? take a second look and you’ll see that no may indeed be the answer. THINK!



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