Men Vs. Women, Why the Strife!

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I see some Feminist write-up these days and it seem to me like we are at war with men. Or would I say competition.

Let me draw a simple illustration…
“God created man and woman For His purpose, that is, #FELLOWSHIP. But, we all know the fall of man and how things have changed. But, hey! God’s original plan hasn’t changed.
#Women… Men are NOT your enemy!
#Men… women are NOT your enemy!
Actually, the real enemy is the #devil.

Guess what, he’s gradually succeeding in putting too much strife in the world to defeat God’s original plan… would you allow him(devil) or join hands with one another(Man & Woman) and fight the real enemy… #devil?”
For the records, I’m a #Feminist. As a matter of fact, my purpose is geared towards the ladies.
I believe in equality but, trust me when I say the #Word is my reference point.
I have always had a soft spot for ladies, the girl child and women from my teen ages. So when I discovered my purpose at 19, it made sense. But, the instructions I got from God is what has made me different in my write-up, the way I counsel, view situations and take decisions. Sweetie, because, you know I have a soft spot for ladies and would always listen. Doesn’t mean if you tell me anything about your man and you are at fault, I’ll take sides with you. Nah! that’s not me.
Trust me darling I’ll tell you how it is and proffer solution to the best of my ability.

Remember the word “even the very elects would be deceived”… there are times when we don’t need human Reasoning/Emotions to tackle issues of Life.
Before someone would ask, but ‘Angie, times are changing’. #agreed, but remember heaven and earth would pass away…. but His Word would remain.

God is a God of order, but then He has given us the liberty of free #Will… while the human will is the most precious gift (if rightly used) and most destructive and dangerous (if not constructively used)

WOMEN; My dear fellow sisters, in the order of creation God created man first and gave him power to subdue the earth. He also made him head of the woman, just like Christ is the head of the church.

It’s no news that a woman is under authority all her life (why e be like that, I nor know)
From the day a woman is born, she’s under her parents authority, the day she marries, the authority automatically changes to her husband.

Personally, the day I fully understood this, I made a vow not to marry a foolish man. Because, I can’t become wiser than God all of a sudden.

These days, women are quick to be in competition with men. They want to usurp authority. We sometimes wish God didn’t arrange everything well.
Hence, we are having a misconception of the word “FEMINISM”

FEMINISM is supposed to help redefine a girl-child and also make her aware that she’s not less than a boy child. That she has the right to hold any title, office and become whoever/whatever she dreams to become.
Although, in the order of family, we need to also let her know that she can’t head that department. It’s not in her Nature, Character, Calling or even the Purpose of her creation. (Let God be true and every man be a liar).
If not, this marriage thing will be different, but no, it’s a man that finds a wife.
A woman is meant to be in God’s will, accepting the #Right man whose purpose she can be under and not the man being under her purpose.
The more reason why you should know your God given purpose before approaching a girl. And Ladies, you should also know your purpose so as to know which guy you should be saying yes to.

MEN; Mighty men of valour. You are not called a man to boss/lord anyone around. You’re actually called man to serve, if need be; lay down your life like Jesus did for the church. It’s not a moi-moi role, but a huge one.

My problem with men today is that they are loosing focus of what it takes to be a man. We are now having lazy-breed men who no longer believe in hustling, but relaxing and waiting for one rich girl.
One day, I had a chat with my brothers and the following was what I told them.
You have no business dating until you find purpose and understand why God created you a man. Being a man is building capacity to be able to add to a woman’s life and cultivating her. As most queens are crowned after marriage, a King only starts his reign after marriage.

Lastly, we keep complaining he has to do this and that… God crested the woman to bear children, but I’m sure if a man has a womb in this age we are in now, it would have been a different ball game. We probably would have been hearing things like;
“If you want a child, it has to be 50/50.
I’m only having two kids, you have the rest, else, no child-birth”.

There are things that are naturally befitting for women/Men.
For instance, if anybody has to work in the family, then it should be the man.
If anybody has to cook, it has to be the woman.
If your car breaks down, it’s easy to place a call to your husband and a responsible man should meet you at the spot and take your car to the mechanic. (My mum hardly visits the mechanic).
If the light goes off, it’s normal for the man to go out and turn on the generator.
If you go shopping, it’s appropriate for him to help carry the bags.
Why, is it then a big deal, to cook and serve him.

In conclusion, Oga/Madam there’s beauty in #Service;
* When last did you serve your spouse his food instead of the maid?
* When last did you take your spouse’s car to the car wash, mechanic for maintenance instead of giving her the money or sending the driver?
* When last did you change the sheets on the bed instead of the maid?
* When last did you open the car for your wife to get in and come out?
*When last did you say thank you to your spouse for running the bills in the house?
* When last did you say I’m sorry genuinely, instead of picking up a fight?
* When last did you run water for a bath for your spouse?
* When last…. too much to ask, but see, we need to start seeing our roles and responsibility as an opportunity to SERVE.

LIFE can be simple, we complicate it with unnecessary drama at times.

Love always, #Angie

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