Miscellany of a Wondering Patriot.

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I wonder if there’s still a CountryYes, I’m an optimist, but how far can my optimism take me till I can commandeer a Chopper to take me out of traffic? ‘Amaka’ go begin dey disappoint now, say na ordinary Uber you fit order when your ‘mates’ dey order helicopter.

I wonder why you don’t mind a cat guarding your meat but a Miyetti Allah Vigilante is anathemic. I wonder if there’s a constitutional time limit for Governors to start working on potholes at least a Governor up there acquired a new wife upon inauguration. I guess conjugal responsibilities are mathematically way easier than the community responsibility. Work is work nah! Inside or outside, e nor mata.

I wonder at the braggadocious conquest of the Falcons on African soil and their cold feet on the world stage. By the way, if you’re hypertensive, stay off Super Eagles’ matches, I advice un-medically. Wetin I know?

I wonder how 100million are going to be delisted from the poverty record books within 5years. How? Na antecedent I dey look o! Could this be a surreptitious confirmation that we’re indeed the World Poverty Capital? Why I no go ask nah? That’s 50% of our assumed population!

Be mindful! I’m an optimist, if you like, a wondering optimist. So, I wonder if the Ministerial list will be ready by the time the National Assembly resumes. I wonder how those who have their list with portfolios ready on inauguration day do it! Most definitely, I know in part… hmn! I wander what the assemblage will be like, same old ‘saints’?

I wonder how brutish life has become with death so cheap and common place that our empathy has become singed. I wonder how human theft has become rife. How much hope have we when the President’s in-law is still in captivity?

Ehn ehn! I wonder how you think his tap vomits naira, if yours isn’t, biko, na same economy. If it’s not raining naira at your end, you can’t be too sure of his end. All man don become manager now. The rich also cry isn’t just a movie title. Kill entitlement mentality before it injures you.

Morality of mortals: I wonder at those who at a ‘krest’ cast the stone at Mount Coza depite their burden of immorality. Let he who has no sin…I wonder more though at how things are perennially getting cozy at coza. I wonder, if proximity bias is to blame. If yes, then PSP should be helping themselves with their filth. I wonder why theft isn’t theft, from the cookie jar or the honey pot, theft is theft.

I wonder, eventhough I know His gifts are perfect, how has our ineptitude turned the gift of rain into a curse?Bros wait before you holla! Why litter the drains? Oh! Sorry Aunty, I know you don’t, but all of una wey dey roll down the glass of that your fine car throway dirty, you’re an embarrassment of monumental proportion. I wonder, did I just deal a low blow? Check the handwriting up there, that wasn’t me.

I wonder why you can’t just pick the sense in my nonsense! Well, if you can’t, I’ll understand with you, but make sure you just dey your dey, make I dey my dey, of course, it’s a deying tin’I’m a patriot who keeps wondering, but not a wanderer. THINK!

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