More Brains, Less Brawn.

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Ladies are such a wonderful breed, you can’t but admire a good looking, well-dressed and well-mannered one any day.
However, not all will fit the earlier bill described. As a matter of fact, those that fits that bill are the ones erroneously referred to as the uninformed.
There’s no doubting the fact that the dressing of a lady coupled with her accessories are a complement to her beauty, but the begging question is ‘at what cost’?
Your dressing will attract a certain kind of guy. I know you get it girls- we all want to catch their eyes don’t we? But what we don’t always realize is that when you catch a guy with your body, you’ll have to keep him with your body, how about that? The reason is simple, you can’t afford to let go of the ‘point’ of attraction!

A lot of women had shown the world that they transcend beauty and brawn but that they’re also brains, they’ve shown the world that it’s far more beyond sexiness, They’ve been able to identify themselves properly by rejecting identities that are tied to superficiality.  If only you will agree with me, I hold the opinion that you’re not the Brazilian or Peruvian hair, you’re not the extended and well polished nails and eye-lashes, you’re not the padded butt, you’re not the Mary-Kay neither are you the sauna bath, you’re a subject to be respected and celebrated not an object to be used and scorned.
Half-clothedness has been over-rated, check the media, movies and music videos and amazingly some religious organisations too, it’s all about a wanton display of supposedly privates. They’re quick to say they’re using what they have to secure what they don’t, whoever said intelligence and acumen are exclusive preserve of the male man? The popular ‘bottom power’ is both an insult and a derogation of womanhood and it’s sanctity, don’t be confused as to where your strength lies, for one thing, it’s not between your thighs it’s between your ears.

There is so much more about who you are than the size of your bosom or the size of your waist, it’s less of your figure but more of what your head figures.  Show him the size of your brain, when some ladies can’t ‘show’ their brain they result to showing their body. Wait a minute, before I sound chauvinistic, ain’t such sights pleasing to the men folk, even to the abhorrent of such sights it still remains a delightfully ugly sight. For every seller ain’t there buyers?

Little blame though, “the average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.”
Learn to respect yourself, quit being average and accentuate the beauty of your heart, your mind, and your spirit because those are exactly the kind of things that will keep a really good man. THINK!

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