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My problem is that all we do is complain. We refuse to ask or find out what we are entitled to. An average Bank customer in this country does not know what charges his Bank is entitled to and not.

Take for example people complain about stamp duty charges and I laugh, because even if you go to court on this you will lose. Another example is the 1% account maintenance charges, you cannot fight and win because it’s legit.

The foreign exchanges charges is also hard to fight and win. When you draw cash on your account, the  government knows that what many of us do is to go and use our card to draw cash abroad with the hope of being charged using official rate and bring the dollars so drawn to exchange in parallel market at astronomically high rate in Nigeria. This is called round tripping and it’s criminal.              So, to check such you will be charged at the unofficial rate.The same people will turn around to complain and call for protest. Truth is Banks are suffering as we speak that’s why so many Bankers have lost their

I work in the Finance Department of a Bank and I see all the books on both sides, that is, the customer and the Bank and I know that illegal charges are not common these days though it still happens. But for you to fight it you must first of all know what you are entitled to and what your Bank is entitled to as well. All these so called protests are nothing but deceit.

My question is,  in other not to go to Bank today didn’t you go yesterday to collect enough cash to last you till tomorrow? So what are we talking about! If you didn’t do that, you will borrow today to cover your expenses with the intention of paying back tomorrow, isn’t that at a cost?

Please when we want to protest let’s always look at issues from all perspectives.

I wish to rest my case here for now but I am available for clarifications if needed.

I stand for the truth and I say no to protests based on lies and manipulation of the few.


Hakeem Oyeneye is a Banker and wrote from Lagos.


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