Nigeria at 55: My Stand…

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In a world that is allergic to inconvenience and addicted to pleasure, it is so easy to overlook the strength in our weakness. I hear a lot about my country Nigeria, but on this day, the 55th year celebration of Nigeria’s independence, I CHOOSE to celebrate the voices of our strength over and above our weaknesses.

My people may be regarded as being content with failure and disaster, yet, I SEE them as relentless, fighting on despite the odds.

We may be viewed as a country full of people who are religious yet corrupt, but compared to other countries of the world, I KNOW Nigeria is a place of religious tolerance and we definitely are a God fearing people.

imagesTo some we are divided and full of ethnic bias. Yet I CONSIDER Nigeria as a country with diverse cultures and a deep layered history still on the route to gaining a better understanding of how best to work in harmony to produce world changing legacies.

They say the youth of my country are deficient in innovation, weak and immature. Yet, we FIND them in every corner of the world at the helm of affairs making huge impact in all sectors of the economy.

We may look compromising and too accommodating of foreigners, but I BELIEVE we are a warm, generous and loving people. Willing to share even when there is not enough to go round.

You may say our infrastructure and health systems are nothing to go by, but I INSIST that we are blossoming like the butterfly. As Maya Angelou opined, it is easy to delight in the beauty of a butterfly but rarely do we admit the changes it has gone through to achieve it… Our pace as a country may be slow but in due time our beauty will be revealed.

On this day (..though I hope it will be longer), I ASK that we join hands to celebrate our strength as a people and as a nation. After all, the stars shine brightest in the darkest nights.


– Aduware Airuoyo writes from Lagos.

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