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I read his articles, though I think they are too lengthy. This particular one caught my attention specially because I felt he wants Mr President to live for the wrong reasons; so that Nigeria won’t explode. I used to have such impression before but it’s too far from reality.

I was in Ilorin in 1998 when the news of Abacha’s death rent the whole city into spontaneous jubilation and I was excited too. Alas! I saw a revelation at night and I was by a woman carrying a baby on her back that announced to me that “they have killed MKO Abiola too”. I was confused and at the same time, eager to share with believers around me what God showed me. Lanre condemned me and the revelation in very strong terms, that Nigeria will explode and it’s impossible. Mr. Orok was a staff of NNPC at Ilorin and colleague at Post Graduate course, he said I should not repeat it again, for security reasons and that it’s not possible. I kept quiet in my confusion. As at then, I didn’t know I had to seek God for what to do with what he showed me.

Gbam! Abiola died and Lanre ran from his office to come and break the news to me, panting for breathe and wondering if war will start. The rest is story. I would have loved war to start then too and Nigeria break into fragments but that was not the plan of God for this ailing Country. There were tensions but Nigeria didn’t explode.

I have always told political colleagues that it’s in their interest to make sure no one kills you because if you are eliminated, life goes on, irrespective of circumstances surrounding your death. Your spouses and siblings might be compensated with appointments if they are interested but your strongest associates would be the first to sell out and switch camps.

Claiming some few elements who call themselves or are called cabals will run this country to a halt is just magnifying the devil and his agents. Buhari is alive now and the Cabals are getting weaker already and confusion among them. Buhari shouldn’t die now but it’s not because of some unscrupulous elements around him but because the death of another serving President portends a bad omen for the Villa and the Nation in general.

When it’s time for God to move, the so called Cabal would be made as nought (like the Bible would put it) before anything will happen. They will lose both their voice and influence and help to destroy one another.

We shall keep praying to God to sort Nigeria out and put us on path of greatness beyond ethnic and religious bigotry and we must PRAY FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, otherwise, it’s praying amiss.

God Bless Nigeria and Happy Worker’s Day.

Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson

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