One Too Many………..

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Holding my pen and starring at the blank sheets of paper before me, I realized that even though I have a message to pass across through this write up, I am simply stuck on how best to start. I mean I have thought through every possible captivating start up line that will just get every reader glued, knowing that one of the cardinal rules of writing is to pull and gather your audience with your first lines…..or with extravagant oil on your head, your first word.

So from sceneries streaming through a glass of wine to water and even a very delicious meal…I simply pose this question “At what point do you know when to STOP…based on    intake”. Okay let me place it this way for easy grasping…how bad does peer pressure push you to stomach so much more than you can chew, knowing full well that you have had “one too many” of whatever it is that you’re been fed, to the point where you know you need to stop for all the obvious reasons attached… contentment, choking, bad taste, irritation amongst others, but then you still don’t stop. WHY?

If one is not careful you’ll connect such situations to only teenagers and youths, but come to think about it, even the so called adults still exhibit certain dysfunctional character traits gotten from the high influence of peer pressure. I recall a certain friend who had no love whatsoever for alcohol, but I noticed anytime he had his friends around and the booze was around for consumption, he would suddenly get a glass to join in just because he couldn’t stand the jest his friends would throw at him. At some point it didn’t matter, except that one cannot really hold a glass of wine still full after hours on end. Soon enough my dear friend moved to taking a sip and then it became a full glass and then bottles and surprisingly now he is into the mastering of hemp (weed) smoking. The interesting part is that my friend is simply fed up, and by that I mean he can’t stomach anymore than he already has, but he just cannot STOP.


I could go on and on with different stories streaming from sweet innocent girls that got lost in the wrong clique and suddenly find themselves as ‘runs girls” who find their act as disgusting, to that of cheating spouses……. just trace that to the typical Nollywood story and then you know where peer pressure comes in and on and on and on. Now, the bottom line of all this ‘plenty grammar’ is that the problem is not with the ‘peer’ but the ‘pressure’ and for the pressure I have this one thing to say “ I cannot fit to go and kill myself”, popularly known as our local way of saying I have had enough, I need a break . Connecting all this to eating or drinking, the only reason man cannot continue nonstop when it comes to intake is that all of the consumption becomes a dead weight or better still leads to one’s untimely death. Man just stops at some point no matter the circumstances or motive for eating. End of story!

So to conclude, I simply want to tell that person that is all stuffed up and needs a clean sweep, to take that one step. STOP. Come out clean and tell your friends that all that is choking you up and if they cannot accept you for how plain and different you are then they are in true words not your friends at all, you might also want to note that true friend in the first place do not stuff you up but feed you with the right amount which means healthy stuff.

Also only you can tell where the shoe hurts, in other words you are your own boss, if its killing you slowly, whatever it is, the choice is simply up to you. Only you knows the amount of pressure you can take.  I simply end by telling you this, LOVE yourself, because when you do, you won’t leave to please others in a way that is detrimental to your very existence.


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