Others Are Ahead of You?

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There was a day I drove an older friend to the airport straight away from church on a sunny sunday afternoon. So by happenstance, being a Sunday, I was in my ‘Sunday best’. I was obviously dressed the part as the owner of his SUV, a car which was far beyond my means as at the time. How I pity one or two who might have looked at me in comparative admiration with himself and who might have summarily concluded that he was behind!

Sometimes the thought floats in our heads about many we see around who seem like they’ve just got everything together when we’re not even sure which way leads up yet. Lol! Like in an ultimate search for treasure, they seem to have found the treasures while we’re still battling to unravel the puzzle that will lead us to where the compass is.

And then the picture of a seemingly successful friend on Facebook and Instagram makes you sick. No! You were sick before sighting the pictures, your mind was probably sick. You need a healthy dose of successful thinking. Think like a successful person.

And how do successful people think? Successful people know that it’s about what stage they’re in during life. Successful people use those ahead of them as inspiration to keep on going not as a comparison for depression. They see life as a complement and not as a competition, they’re excited when God is blessing their ‘neighbour’ because it’s a sign that God is in their ‘neighbourhood’.

People are simply at a different stage than you are, or perhaps on a totally different path than you. Don’t compare your Chapter Two to somebody else’s Chapter Nine in the authoring of your life’s story, the other might even be writing his conclusion, you never can tell.

It is the peak of folly to allow the speedometer reading of your neighbour affect the way you select your gear on the highway of life! Stop complicating the simplified. THINK!

– ‘Dapo Omojola


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