Politics Without Sanity, Society Without Values.

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In our 50th celebration of independence, Rev. Father Matthew Kukah said “in its 50 years of nationhood, Nigeria has been bedeviled with politics without principles, pleasure without conscience, wealth without work, knowledge without character, business without morality, science without humanity and worship without sacrifice.” This is a very unfortunate scenario painted up there but when we think deeply, it is hard to deny the fact that the ills exists in our society. I was going through the newspaper headlines and I stumbled across the news of the British Prime Minister’s deputy Damain Green resignation. Shocked and keen to satisfy my curiosity, I discovered the reason for his resignation was because he was been investigated and charged for inappropriate sexual behaviour. Immediately I had a e that happened in the National Assembly a couple years back when three members of the honourable house brought dishonor to our legislative body. After much shenanigans by our investigative system and several committees set up to look into the matter, thereafter, we had little of the report of the scandal, the rest is history.
I feel appalled to recall several incidence of our leaders been tried for one corruption charge or the other and what we see are leaders who pride themselves with the amount of defense counsel at their call while they still retain their office. It is quite unfortunate that the legal system of Nigeria presides on grounds that “an individual is innocent until proven guilty” whereas it should be a system where by “an individual is guilty until proven innocent.” This system of conviction of an individual has helped the elites to prevent true justice as they have all financial muscle to buy off SAN’s available in the system. This attitude by our political elites does not reflect politics with sanity; neither does it portray class discipline by our governing elites.
Setting aside the historical precedent of Nigeria, indeed, we will very much agree that we haven’t done much to uphold our institutions and systems as they are operated at the whims aas they are operated at the whims and caprices of personalities rather than deep seated ideologies. There is no passing day we don’t have talks about corruption and what have you. Several government have devised means to tackle this phenomenon that has beclouded our development and reputation but regrettably, this institutions have not been able to achieve desired purpose rather most of them has been used as political weapon to witch hunt political rivals and oppositions. Where does the problem truly lie?
Sadly, Nigeria today is losing the threshold of value system, we have politics not guided by principles and ideologies, and the society is warped with twisted values and falsehood. People are committing terrible and inhuman acts to make a living. It is common nowadays to see Nigerians especially youth, who want to have all the material comfort without been ready to labour. Even those without means of livelihood want to ride posh cars, live in palatial buildings and go out with the most beautiful women. It is not a crime to desire beautiful things of life but the means through which most want to achieve this is crooked. This is disheartening as it has affected our institutions greatly and partly responsible for the surge in religious houses as most Nigerians want to live in paradise without hard work. Hard work, integrity, honesty as a virtue is no longer respected and appreciated. Sadly, Nigerians in diaspora are subject to thorough scrutiny due to the reputation we are making in the comity of nations. This has led me to ask; where is the wisdom of the grey hair? Where is the strength and tenacity of the youth?
I dare to challenge the Nigerian society to dispose its nefarious attitude that has hindered us from becoming that giant of Africa we were destined for and imbibe values of good character as this is the only true and sustainable foundation we can build our nation. I draw the cotton to this by quoting Albert Einstein and he says “try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” The values we uphold with either make or break us as a nation.
Melvin Umunna

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