Poverty Mentality

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Poverty Mentality

“Thinkest all the world could look to a man a different color from what it is”? George Clason Poverty is not a lack of money; it is a way of thinking! Poverty mentality makes you live beyond your means, borrow money to buy liabilities, spend to impress instead of saving to invest!

The wealthy have money because of prosperity mentality; it is not enough to make money you need prosperity mentality to build wealth!Poverty is no excuse! “Ill fortune pursues every man who thinks more of borrowing than of repaying”. George Clason

Fully 80% of wealthy people were once poor! But rather than use poverty as an excuse, they used it to fuel their desire to build wealth! Borrowing and then refusing to pay, because of poverty, brings ill fortune, poverty is just a phase in your quest for wealth, use it as a stepping stone to greater heights!

Are you financially intelligent? Struggling with debt is a sign of low financial intelligence; the natural tendency is to believe you need more money. Unfortunately, more money only creates more money problems! Only more financial intelligence can solve money problems so before you go a borrowing think! Ask yourself, how can I solve this problem without borrowing? The answer to this question is the key to victory over indebtedness, the key is in you, and you can improve your financial intelligence.

Whose fault is it?

When someone is continually in debt, who is to blame? Is it the employer who refuses to pay a living wage or the leaders who are looting the treasury? Perhaps the economy that is in shambles, the entrepreneurs who are aiding inflation or the society with all its pressures? Or the person who is living above his means? Things will not improve until you take responsibility for your life; debt is always your fault!

And for the lender, no sentimentality in lending!

“… Be not swayed by foolish sentiments of obligation to trust thy treasure to any person”. George Clason

When a friend or relative asks to borrow from you, it is difficult to say no and it may be inconvenient for you! There is need to exercise wisdom. Help the needy but not at your own expense. Lend only what you can afford to give, every man should be responsible for himself. Incur debt with caution! “Better a little caution than a great regret”. George Clason

When it comes to debts, you need to exercise caution. Always ensure you have the means to repay and never borrow frivolously; make sure debt is absolutely necessary and for a meaningful purpose. Do not borrow from friends and family; if you must, repay promptly.

Debt can help you and it can harm you, use debt purposefully or avoid it! -Ekundayo Ogunmosin


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