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A price is an input on something, a time of preparation, a sown seed, effort and ones sacrifice towards work.

Growing up there were certain cups and plates my mum won’t allow us use randomly until we have visitors, and she does it because she says the dishes are weak and fragile. So when God talked about the weaker vessel, he wasn’t talking about you being weak, but an esteemed property that a man should handle with care and Love.


You are like a beautiful ornament or jewel in a shop that you can’t just take your eyes off, but because of the price, you need to either work harder to afford it or go back and get more money.

You determine how people treat you, and that’s why you must set standard, in my secondary school; a guy slapped a girl for insulting me and my Literature Aunty sent a guy out of her class for insulting me, I wasn’t the most beautiful, but, I set a standard. Most times, as Ladies we feel not until our phones beep 50times over we are not hot, or you are not attractive…Why waste time receiving unnecessary calls? When you can use that time to produce great result, think and plan. Someone might say it’s just a number, well, it’s not, because your conversation should be seasoned and meaningful.

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