Principle of Escalation.

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Excitement usually greets the beginning of a new enterprise. Remember the beginning of that romance when butterfly hovers round in your tummy(whatever that is), remember the beginning of that business, it feels like you’re going to turn the apple-cart against Mr. Bill Gates. What about the beginning of that journey, procurement of your passport, the visa, oh the first time onboard a plane! They usually elicit some beautiful excitements don’t they?
Even though it’s not the rule of the thumb, but more often than not, it is the case to be excited at the start of an enterprise.

This is pretty much with vices as well. It starts with that initial gush of excitement which doesn’t last forever and in order to sustain it, you escalate. I’ve you ever wondered why theives can’t stop stealing and just go invest the stolen money in legit business, or why the trafficker can’t? No he can’t, don’t ‘distract’ him, stealing is the business! Ever wondered why a beggar will keep returning to begging day-in-day-out? That’s the profession, he seem to say, ‘if they gave me yesterday, they will today and they shall forever more’. (Don’t say Amen, it’s not a prayer) Pardon my mischief.

The concept I’m trying to sell here is that our insatiateness of where we started from as a result of either boredom, monotony, egotism or exploration usually propels us to go further. That’s why a man who started with a bottle of liquor will advance over time to numerous bottles, or even try something else, like spirit? (Why is that even called spirit, and it is indeed, matter for other days). Did I just digress again? Pardon me, but watch out I’ll still do it again, smiles.
It usually starts with the first puff off the other end of the cigarette stick, then to several sticks, sometimes to marijuana and possibly other life debilitating substances. Escalation is a principle of incremental energy for undue satisfaction at a cost.image

The concept of escalation is responsible for why a one night ‘hustling’ (Nigerian euphemism for prostituting) for school fees becomes a past time, ”after all there are a lot of ‘tippers’ out there willing to tip their cashes on my laps” she’ll opine. A person desirous of sexual pleasure goes into pornography and when that becomes insatiable and ungratifying, he progresses to all forms of unprintable sexualities till he/she becomes a confirmed psychopathic pervert because he simply wants more, more and more due to his negative mental reconditioning.

He feels ,manly’ slapping her for the first time, he’s glad he made her ‘pay’ even though he apologizes, watch out for escalation. You might just be having a Muhammed Ali in-waiting. Isn’t it surprising how many love-birds have turned jail-birds on the account of spouse-murder? ‘All I want is just a closeness, a good friendship’, says Oga Asuquo. That sounds unharmful doesn’t it? But it soon escalates, he wants more, a hug here and there won’t hurt, then the outings and ultimately the ringside explosion(don’t ask me what that is). Sister ‘Belejayan’ didn’t you see it coming by the time his handshake was going beyond the elbow? When has the armpit become the new palm to shake!

One fake prophesy on a gullible Bible illiterate and the mining starts, it begins with financial exploitation, he says to himself ‘e enter o’ in excitement  and then he escalates till some lose their hard earned properties, then he goes for their dignity, he says, ‘you know what, the ‘spirit’ told me to go south before you can conceive’. And eventually some lose their lifes to these masquerading wolves.

So what is to do? Friend, learn to identify when and how you’re cutting yourself a slack, that is, when you’re giving in too much. Use the brakes, that mirage is a deep gorge. If this is you, speak to someone, learn how to convert your negative energy into positive ventures, truly, escalation can be a virtue if positively engaged, but negative escalation is far easier, it jumps on you while on the other hand you have to work at positive escalation. That is why people don’t hesitate to do ill and negativities in quick succession but when it’s the positive, that old, wretched and wicked village-witch called procrastination will appear.
Of what essence is being excellent at what shouldn’t be done at all? THINK!
‘Dapo Omojola

Watch out for the Principle of Positive Distraction!

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