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Please wait patiently for the first set of implementable sanctioning and probe by PMB which would serve as deterrent.Not in Nigeria. Is it not on the newspapers that we are probing and investigating public officers? I don’t think any Government is proactively disposed to probing or investigating anybody ( even if the term is changed to appraisal of tenure) but they are very good at pronouncing their predecessors rogues, thieves and embezzlers without hearing or trials thus tarnishing their names.

Every government does this regardless of whether it is PDP or APC ruling except if the outgoing and incoming governments are from the same party or someone having second term.

Due to sensitivity and volatility of our forum, I must state that I am not defending GEJ or the relieved DSS guys, what I am saying is; if these guys did something wrong 👎 then book them. There are consequences for civil/public servants who are found wanting. Get them documented. Sack without hearing and with full benefits or transfer to another department is not a disciplinary action. Yes, if Ita Ekpeyong or Marilyn Ogar has a case to answer follow them through.

It is even wrong for any Government to come to the pages of newspapers discussing every minute details of discoveries of unestablished misconducts.

If Nigeria political character is sustained, the APC administration of President Buhari will not be different psychologically from the previous PDP. Please do not bet your money for now.

2 months into the journey, too early, look around yourself, which areas of corruption would you like to stop, keep observing for another 10 months, then people can begin to appraise furiously or calmly.

The popularized Change has many meanings and orientations. Its perception is at different strata of individual and groups level of comprehension and IQ. Execution of change agenda is best achieved when all the agents of change are on the same grasp threshold of the philosophy and consistently too.

This was achieved by APC when there was a common purpose which was to get GEJ out by all means. The complexity of the term change will begin to show at the next excitation level. This is where hidden interests will begin to show along the complicated layers of change philosophies. It has started to show already. Supposed healed wounds that led to merger have suffered complications so team members are retracing their old cliques and factions.

The centre to hold the change philosophy to remain consistent is definitely lacking right from the core and outwardly of the concentric circles of APC which may have been caused by lack of trust and avoidable maneuvers.

I can feel it. Your tribal mark is checked before you get served. Baba Akande made a very insensitive remark about Northern Elites that will cause APC more struggles. The atmosphere around Aso Rock has changed from fisherman’s attire to Babariga. Attempt to sideline major contributors to the victory of PMB has become counter productive.


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