Scorecard of Buhari, Pass or Fail?

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Scorecard of Buhari, pass and low marks observed, countdown to 100days in Office.

1- Pass Mark- Attempts to steal and to be corrupt has seriously reduced.

2- Pass Mark- Those civil servants and politicians, ex and serving, who have corruptly enriched themselves in previous administrations are running helter-skelter to to cover their loots, some hurriedly are selling them off, because of fear of being caught.

3- Pass Mark- Those influential friends of the thieves, who usually aid and abet corrupt people, those who always act as brokers and middlemen underground begging and pleading for pardoning of corrupt people have seriously reduced in numbers because of imminent dent to their reputation. These include Religious leaders, communities and traditional leaders, party leaders who used to do this either for kick back or ego.

4- Pass Mark- For unknown and mysterious reasons, it seems institutions and people who used to be laid back, lazy and ineffective in their jobs are now becoming not only effective but also efficient and responsible. A good example is Electricity Providers and Petroleum Distribution agencies. Testimonies confirm that Electricity has never been this stable in Nigeria for well over 20 years and a Litre of Petrol is N87. Buhari may be perceived as walking slowly but not backwards in this area of assessment of his performance so far.

5- Pass Mark- Buhari has a Clear Agenda which he is taking one by one. Any Nigerian who understands how system works and management of change will know that certain changes can not take place without institutional reforms, legislations, human right factors, human capital ( corrupt-free, qualified and competent people to effect the change), so in this area of measurement, I feel Buhari deserves a pass mark for unbuckling the buttons that chain the change in NNPC and other key agencies to start with, thus laying a strong foundation.

6- Pass Mark- Buhari is implementing campaign promises step by step with some minor reviews as you know review and monitoring are essential components of change. A good project and change manager must do this whenever there are new developments, change of circumstances, change of resource flow, technical changes, etc but the ultimate result is adamant focus on the end point which is stamping out corruption in Nigeria regardless of who is involved. When one compares his campaign promises with that of his competitor, one will see the difference between a prepared person and unprepared person. I wrote before that I have a documented promises made to me by Buhari which I intend to engage him on as his Government sails from year 1 to 4 if he won but I have nothing to engage GEJ on if he had won because what he promises was changes had already taken place and continues to take place which means continuation of the existing situation of Nigeria. Honestly, he has his credits which have been acknowledged but surprisingly he has also admitted that he was not aware of the huge corruption that took place under his command.

7- Pass Mark- Being blunt and factual, not being rhetoric, not employing political knavery and being predictable in words and body movement. Followers are happy when they know the agenda of their leaders except where it has to do with intelligence.

8- Pass Mark- Staying truthful to his principle of ‘ i am for everybody, am for nobody’ therefore not covering up his party men who so far have been alleged of corruption.

9- Pass Mark- Setting up anti-Corruption committee which comprises those with impeccable reputation and zero tolerance for corruption and then backing that up with Special corruption Courts in all states of federation and Federal Capital territory ( although still progressing)

10- Pass Mark- initiating thorough screening for all people penciled down for appointments before offering them the posts which means anyone found with any stain of corruption will not make the list. Information or rumour has it that majority of the nominees for Ministerial portfolios and judges to serve on Corruption special courts have failed the security screening woefully thereby making the President to be considering searching the Diaspora.

11- Pass Mark- Exhibiting humble, calm and tending moderate in the conduct of Government businesses which include avoiding wastefulness, extravagance and exorbitance while Promoting budgetary and fiscal discipline.

12- Pass Mark- Making his predecessor and those that served with him unable to play the role of opposition because many former appointees of GEJ should be at the front line criticising Buhari but doing that seems to be difficult for them because of lack of confidence and morality as they are not sure if their accounts are clean so any attempt for them to play the role of opposition can lead to exposing themselves. So the role of opposition has been conceded to Olisa and few party executives. Instead what we read is the PDP urging Buhari not to probe her alone, or advising Buhari on what to do instead of questioning Buhari’s actions on principles.

13- Low Mark- Buhari spokesman openly telling the whole world that he will only probe the regime of GEJ, his immediate predecessor. That should not have been made public rather he should have just said that his Government will probe every allegations of corruptions of the past whenever and wherever evidences are found concerning Government activities in the past without time frame. Setting a limit of probe to his immediate predecessor could be termed as witch-hunting and besides the duty to probe is not exclusively that of the President. Any citizen can address a petition or report a case about for instance corruption, stealing, human right abuse, terrorism, infact any crime that took place ‘donkey’ years ago at any time to the police, EFCC, ICPC, public complain commission, even National assembly and with strong evidences, a probe must be initiated.


The other areas Nigerians are looking forward to for sanitation is Customs, Employment Laws, Social Services, Health Care delivery services, Banks, Ombudsman (because every service provider in Nigeria from Telephone to Banks to Public Transportation, Airways and Airport Management, all make consumers vulnerable.) They extort. They charge arbitrarily in so much a manner that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Nigerian workers have no rights at all. They have no enforceable contracts between them and their employers. They are grossly abused and fired at will. Government should regulate this.

Majority of Nigerians avoid hospitals. Majority self-medicate either with herbs or by buying medications over the counter including controlled drugs and Prescribed drugs. If Government can regulate this sector and dedicate I think between 10-15% of National budget to health as recommended by UN/WHO most of the problems will fizzle out.

There are too many vulnerable beggars and physically challenged on the streets in the rain and intense sun. There are grossly inadequate or nil institutions to care for vulnerable groups. Special and additional needs children and adults have no opportunities to minimise risk and to integrate in wider society as required in the social pedagogy. Social Care is a way out. Special children can not fit in mainstream education and special schools are limited except for the elitists children who can afford them. Child education is human right.

Social work is studied only in 3 universities in Nigeria from my research UNN, LASU and UI and I don’t think it is available at degree level but Postgraduate. Where psychologists, Nurses, educationist and sociologists have been playing the roles of social workers meeting needs and achieving thorough assessment may not be best beyond multi-agency networking if well implemented.

In states where health and social care have been tried, they appear to be more or less about awarding stipends to not the most vulnerable and appears political though appreciated and can be improved.


-Ayo Ayo writes from London, United Kingdom.

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