Secret of Successful Friendship

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Jolly Good Fellows they will continue to be, if they’re considerate, if at points in time they’ll stop a while to assess and re-asses their relationship. If on some occasions they’ll pause to put themselves in the other’s shoes and feel how it feels, jolly friends they’ll never seize being.

Have you ever pondered over the existence of friendship? If you hadn’t, pause for a moment and do a quick think about the many whys of friendship, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beastly. Keep in mind though, that everything happens for a reason.

Then having done that, take a thought of the impact you make on people’s lives. You of course desire good friends but have you asked yourself if you’re a good friend, of positive influence and encouragement, of positive thoughts and deeds!

There are two categories of friends I know, some bring you happiness when they come, while the others bring you happiness when they leave! The side you belong is greatly dependent on what you’re made of.

secretsYou don’t need to be rich to be a good friend. As a matter of fact, when it comes to friendship, I believe no one is poor. When you accept that you are poor, it’s a subtle way of accepting that you’re dead! You’re not just rich, but wealthy. Your riches are measurable in kind, your experience, gift, talent, health and time. Parting with any of the aforementioned part of your “riches” constitutes an investment into friendship, which is bound to yield dividends now or later.

Since we’ve now established that none is poor as not to invest in friendship no matter how little, when next you meet that person with whom you truly have a connection and strong bond, do not hesitate but learn to invest from that day on.

Your word of encouragement might be the divine inspiration needed by another person to save a terrible situation. It might be your suggestion, your experience, or the little material you have that will do the magic. Give and perfect the art of doing so, for what is too small in your hand is too big in another person’s. A Nigerian proverb says; “saying I can’t give you because it’s small is the peak of stinginess”.     “The best way to keep your friends is not to give them away”

‘Dapo Omojola

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  1. Adeyemo Doyin

    Its actually my first time checking out this blog and I’m more than impressed,well done sir! More grease to your elbow!

  2. Sade

    Nice one brother. I will like to get one of these books “secret of successful friendship” so that I will know how to relate to my new friends


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