Ekiti: Shall Governance Begin?

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One can say with certainty that the worst times are over for Gov. Fayose as all machinations against him has failed, Ekiti is now 100% PDP (I beg your pardon APC) at least going by the elective offices, congratulations sir!

How painful is it to recount the huge time lost to this political bickering and brigandage on one side, the people of the land being the utmost losers. At any rate, like I said earlier, the worst is over. Mr. Governor, from now on we’ll be pleased to see you commissioning projects, we’ll love to see you come on air as you’re always quick to do, to tell us how you’ve increased Ekiti IGR by x%.

Mr. Governor sir, some of us are already bored with your several pictures online either eating lunch with a questionable friend, at another time with a group of aide, buying boli on the road or eating out at a ‘buka’ et-al. I’m not saying this is bad, in fact it adds medals to your street credibility. Only the blind will at this stage doubt that you’re a grass-root politician.

But having successfully convinced us about your ‘streetness’ sir, add medals to the life of an average Ekiti resident too. We need you to convince us that Ekiti roads can work, please shame your detractors by bringing meaningful development to our dear state. Sir, take more time to sit and think about the forward movement of Ekiti now that the ‘disturbances’ are over. Formulate educational and agricultural policies that will foster economic growth, education and agriculture being our two dominant industries.

You will agree with me that President Buhari isn’t as interested in your case as most thought, he has more pressing and burning national issues to attend, if he were like the ‘bulldozer’ OBJ, or Mr. Jonathan who loves deploying military might, the story will be different, subjugating you would have been mince-meat. So sir, put a little more focus on governance in Ekiti and leave PMB, though not excluding positive, forthright and sensible criticisms since Ekitis are known to be sensible.

Sir, I wish for you to have that moment of last laugh, when you look at those who said you will fail in the eyes and say ‘I did it!”, no revenge can be sweeter than that. Dwarf the achievements of Ex-Governor Fayemi so that those of us sympathetic to APC can be reflective and understand why Ekiti electorate actually voted you. Displaying these anticipated achievements on the front pages of The Sun and The Punch Newspapers will put paid to your under-performance (if any), at least that would be better than what you put on it back then.

My concern is for Ekiti that I’ll be proud of, but my fear on the flip-side is that if in the remaining time left of your 4year single tenure these visible growth indices are not seen and also seen as done, it will be such a huge shame, a frittering-away, a monumental waste of time and a journey without purpose, even your staunch supporters will lack empirical proofs to keep defending you.
For you will be adjudged to have come, to have seen, to have fought and to have merely marked time. – ‘Dapo Omojola.

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