Are You a Social Media Addict?

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Considering their level of addiction to social media, many people could commit suicide if twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. shuts down right now.

I have seen people who became grossly depressed for days just because they lost or couldn’t open one of their social media accounts. Think! Does that include you?

Can you do away with some or all of your social media accounts or platforms for some weeks or months and still be in control of your life?
If you put aside social media, will your life still have any form of meaning?

If your answer is no, then, I think you need to re-prioritise your time in order to maximize your life.
In my opinion, someone who is addicted to social media is not much different from the one addicted to other harmful substances.

My point is, don’t be a slave to social media or your phone; be its master, be in charge and in control, and maximize your life.

We live in a busy and crowded world. Many of us have crazy schedules.
And there are loads of relevant and irrelevant issues seeking a portion of our attention daily.
For this reason, maximizing our time becomes crucial if we’re going to maximize our life.
And one area, in this age, that we so urgently need to effectively manage is the use of the social media.

Truth is, in order to up your game, enhance your success, and make progress, you may need to deliberately take what I call a ‘Social Media Leave.’
For some people, the unguarded use of social media may just be what’s draining their energy and productivity, and that may just include you.
Please, take some ‘Social Media Leave. What do you think?

Abraham Eyekomiogban is the CEO of Hapex Training and Consulting.

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