The Boiling Pot of Ekiti

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The (dis)royal statement that emanated from the Lagos throne caused quite an uproar and a deafening disquietness that had almost made us deaf and blind to the political hara- kiri (pardon Hon.Patrick) brewing in Ekiti. If you’ve not been following that, it’s about the battle of the elephants that has every capacity to hurt, harm and hack the grass. If you like, it’s about the climber that wants to resist the elephant’s movement. (Itakun to ni keerin ma wodo……..).

He who decides to clip a leaf with his lips before the deaf has court trouble and now we have ourselves a drunken man in our China shop. The few but powerful and power- backed have raised their song, ‘a le leyi o lo, bo gbena kari, bo wewu eje.. . . ..’                                          The lord of the manor on the other hand is saying rather than the ground dieing it will fade. With eyeballs beaming like hot coal he emphasized, ‘a ti toje bo oloosa lowo, owa ku baba eni ti o bo!

The die is cast, the threats and counter threats are flying, the people are watching, the thugs are ready, the police and the army are (im)partial, the citizens are human shields, the story is unfolding.

Scenario: ‘If’ the King is dethroned and the leading APC kingmaker becomes king.

Imagine the deposed king ensuring that he has the whole 26 chiefs from PDP during the House of Assembly elections(a looming possibility).

What becomes of the stand-in APC King?

A case of the senior wife’s rod of chastisement kept on the roof-top for the younger wife?

Hmmn! Isn’t Ekiti going into the records as the state with the most impeachment? Time will tell. THINK!

– ‘Dapo Omojola.


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